CPN (Unified Socialist) expresses dissatisfaction, seeks support of NC in six district

Published On: October 7, 2022 01:25 PM NPT By: Tapendra Karki

KATHMANDU, Oct 7: In the meeting of the ruling coalition parties on Thursday, the CPN (Unified Socialist) formally expressed its dissatisfaction and sought the support of Nepali Congress (NC) in six districts. In the alliance meeting that was held all day on Thursday, the Unified Socialist Party sought the support of the NC saying that it is difficult to manage its leaders in six districts.

After the NC left the districts for CPN (Maoist Center) but the Maoists refused to leave the same for the Unified Socialist, the latter sought the support of the NC to nominate its leaders in those districts. "Maoists tried to keep us under siege, when we agreed to unite the party after the election, they refused to give up seats in six districts, so we asked for the help of the NC," said a member of the secretariat of the Unified Socialist.

While the Maoists wanted to win seats in their favor from the alliance and win more seats from there with the support of NC and Unified Socialist Party Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal had said that his leaders will field friendly candidates in six districts and contest elections in cooperation with any party there.

When the Maoists did not leave the position claimed by the officials of the Unified Socialist, there was a situation where a conflict arose between Madhav Kumar Nepal and the Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal. "Madhav Nepal has a big role in creating the current situation. He is trying to manage his leaders in only six districts, but the Maoists don't want to leave those districts," said a leader who participated in the alliance meeting.

Among the Unified Socialist leaders, Madhav Nepal has not left his stand for Vice Chairman Rajendra Pandey, Head of Publicity Department Jagannath Khatiwada, Deputy General Secretary Prakash Jwala, Labour Minister Sher Bahadur Kunwar, Bhanubhakta Joshi and Shiva Bhandari. In the case of Dolakha, there is also a situation where the Unified Socialist is supporting the NC. But the sources said that the Unified Socialist will not support the Maoists. There is almost complete agreement regarding other seats. Shalikram Jamarakattel of Maoist Center has a strong claim in Dhading-2 where Rajendra Pandey will be the candidate.

Jamarkattel is not in favor of leaving the House of Representatives until the future Chief Minister is guaranteed. Indra Baniya of Nepali Congress, who was the main contender for the post of Chief Minister, is sure to be the candidate of the Provincial Assembly. Deputy General Secretary of Unified Socialist Jagannath Khatiwada is in favor of contesting the election from Udayapur-2 despite there being a rebel.

Suresh Kumar Rai of Maoist Center was elected from that constituency in the last election. Due to Rai's lack of strength and past incidents of attacks on NC candidates, NC in Udayapur-2 will not cooperate, so NC will become an ally for Khatiwada. Likewise, Unified Socialist has taken a stand for Deputy Secretary General Prakash Jwala in Salyan. But the constituency won by the Maoists also belongs to them according to the criteria, so negotiations are going on at the top level.

Prakash Jwala helped sustain the Maoist government in Karnali. The Unified Socialist says that it should be evaluated as they are decisive to topple KP Oli at the center and remove UML from the provincial governments everywhere. Similarly, the Unified Socialist is seeking the support of NC for Sher Bahadur Kunwar and Bhanubhakta Joshi.

Currently, with the help of NC, the Unified Socialist has prepared to register its candidacy in some places without the support of the Maoists. After the Maoist put pressure on Madhav Kumar Nepal, Jhalnath Khanal, Ramkumari Jhakri, Birodh Khatiwada, Kisan Shrestha, Prem Ale, except for all the leaders, and after putting pressure on Madhav Nepal, he has prepared to manage his leaders in six places with the help of NC.

Sources claim that the Maoists are very weak where Nepal, Khanal, Jhakri, Khatiwada, Shrestha won the election. But Birodh Khatiwada has said that he would participate in the election with the agreement of the alliance. "Until now things have been agreed upon and we expect the agreement to continue," he said.


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