CPN-UML is ready to accept two phases of election: Sec Bhattarai

Published On: April 23, 2017 03:17 PM NPT By: Mani Dahal

KATHMANDU, April23: CPN-UML has said that the party does not have any objection if the government holds the local level election in two phases including the Madheshi Front.

Speaking with the Republica online, party Secretary Yogesh Bhattarai said,” The party does not have any objection if the government holds the local level election in two phases. But how would the government present the budget breaching the election code of conduct? As per the constitution the government should present the budgetof fiscal year 2017/18 by May 29.”

He, however, said that it would be easier for the government if it holds both phases of election before May 29.

“The party will accept the decision of the government of conducting the election in two phases with the involvement of the Madheshi Front. But with impose of the code of conduct, after the presentation of the budget; the government is barred to hold the election. For which the party would suggest holding the election before May 29”, said Bhattarai.

Oppose constitution amendment bill

While the government is preparing for the registration of the revised constitution amendment bill to address the demand of the Madheshi Front, the main opposition CPN-UML has said that the party will foil the process.

“Since beginning we are opposing the constitution amendment. We will not obstruct the government to table the bill. We will let it for the discussion but the bill will not be passed due tot eh lack of two third majority”, said Bhattarai.

The government is preparing to include the Madheshi Front in the upcoming election addressing their demands, for which the four-member working committee is working out on the issue. Once the working committee finalizes the clauses for the revised constitution amendment bill, the House will begin the process.




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