Concept of Deukhuri as Lumbini’s permanent capital implemented

Published On: December 6, 2022 02:00 PM NPT By: Devendra Basnet

DANG, Dec 6: On October 6, 2020, the name and permanent capital of the then Province 5 was passed by a two-thirds majority of the Provincial Assembly. The assembly agreed on Lumbini as the name of the province and Deukhuri Valley as its permanent capital. The implementation of the announcement of the permanent capital, which was passed by a two-thirds majority, remained in confusion for more than two years, the reason being problems in physical infrastructure. The permanent headquarters of the province was kept focusing on the building of Rapti Technical School. But it took time to complete the legal process of relocating this technical school.

The permission of the higher government was indispensable for the provincial government to acquire the right to use the physical infrastructures of this school under the federal government. With the option of relocating the technical school to Saraswati Secondary School’s building in Garhwa Rural Municipality, the provincial government requested the federal government to allow the physical structure of the school for occupancy rights. The federal government passed this proposal and the provincial government got the ownership of the entire structure of the technical school. And the way for the implementation of permanent capital was opened for the province government.

After acquiring the right of possession of the physical structure, intensive preparations for the implementation of the permanent capital have been started and the work of implementing the permanent capital was formalized on Tuesday. Provincial Health Minister Indrajit Chaudhary said that after the Chief Minister's Office was transferred from a temporary location to a permanent location, the implementation of the permanent capital has been formalized. "Now the concept of Deukhuri as the permanent capital of the province has been implemented," he said, “After the relocation of the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, it can be said that the announcement of Deukhuri as the permanent capital has been implemented.”

According to him, the Office of the Chief Minister in Butwal has been closed. Now the work of the Chief Minister will be done from a permanent place. "Now there is no contact office of the Chief Minister in Butwal," Minister Chaudhary said. The provincial government is preparing to transfer the Office of the Provincial Planning Commission, the Office of the Chief Attorney, and the Financial Comptroller Office under the Office of the Chief Minister. "After the relocation of the Chief Minister's office, the agencies under it will be relocated immediately," the province’s Health Minister Chaudhary said, "The physical infrastructure for the management of these agencies has already been managed."

Also, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law, and Ministry of Agriculture will also be relocated immediately, the government said. Minister Chaudhary said, "Repair work of the buildings for the operation of these ministries is going on. As soon as the repair and decoration work is completed, these ministries will also come to the permanent capital." So far, the Ministry of Health has come to Deukhuri and the building of the Ministry of Urban Development is also in Deukhuri. The work of the Ministry of Health is being done from Deukhuri, but the work of the Ministry of Urban Development is being done from Butwal.







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