Communist rule is worse than Rana regime: Deuba

Published On: December 1, 2017 08:00 PM NPT By: Arun Bam

DOTI, Dec 1:  Nepali Congress (NC) President and Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has claimed that the left alliance has been formed to finish the constitution of Nepal.

Addressing an election program organized by the NC at Bogtan in Doti on Friday Deuba said, “The democratic constitution issued by the constituent assembly has been a big headache for the communist party of Nepal. Therefore, they are exercising to change the constitution, thereby imposing a single party rule on the nation.”

Commenting on the left alliance, PM Deuba said that the communist rule is worse even than the Rana rule. The people should struggle again for their rights. He said, “The NC win is a must in this election for political stability.”

“The left alliance intends to finish democratic forces in the country. Hence, all of us should cast our ballots for the Nepali Congress for the sake of democracy,” added Deuba.

He expressed confidence in the victory of democratic forces saying that Nepalese people are conscious and democrati. “Past elections had shown that People want democracy," he said, adding, “So I am confident that the NC will make a landslide victory in the upcoming elections since they have been fighting for democracy since 2007." 

PM first-time in remote area

Bogtan and Saayal are the most remote areas in Doti. Bogtan is in the southern part of the district, and Saayal is in the north. The locals warmly welcome Prime Minister Deuba for the first time in this far-flung area today.

As Bogtan is rich in fruits and cash crops, the local had welcomed Prime Minister Deuba with a garland of oranges and gingers. After warm greetings of locals, PM Deuba wore an emotional look in the program.

PM Deuba said that he has an emotional attachment to Doti and preferred to call it his second home town.

Prime Minister Deuba, who is ready to take all responsibility of the development projects in the far-western region, said, "I am responsible for all the development needs of Far-western region.

Prime Minister Deuba said that the Sahajpur-Bogtan-Dipayal road is in the final phase of construction and it is named as Siddharaj Ojha. He further said that Dhangadi-Dipayal fast-track construction will also be completed soon connecting Bajang to West Seti and Pancheshwar.

Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transportat Bir Bahadur Balayer, who is the candidate of House of Representatives from Doti, has claimed that all the urgent needs of immediate development of Doti would be completed within few years.

Arguing that democracy empowers people while communism terrorizes them, Deuba said, “The left alliance intends to finish democratic forces in the country. Hence, all of us should cast our ballots for the NC for the sake of democracy.

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