Children who came to Jumla from Punjab in search of their father sent to Surkhet after their address traced

Published On: October 1, 2020 05:40 PM NPT By: DB BUDHA

JUMLA, Oct 1: The four children who arrived in Jumla all the way from the Indian State of Punjab 10 days ago in search of their long-lost father have been sent to Surkhet after the police traced their home address. According to the police, their father’s name is Amar Pariyar who used to work in India long ago. 

“The children lied a few things, but they are indeed in a helpless situation. Their father’s identity has been established,” said DSP Madhav Kafle, chief of Jumla District Police Office. “We have sent them to Surkhet. The local administration will look into the matter now,” he added.

The children who said that their father had left them alone to fend for themselves and fled with their step mother three years ago had worked at a construction site for a few days after coming to Jumla. A local woman had asked their whereabouts and reported the matter to the police whereupon they were rescued.  In Punjab, the eldest of the four children was taking care of her siblings but they decided to come to Nepal and find their father after the coronavirus pandemic worsened the situation.

According to DSP Kafle, the eldest of the children, Sunita BK, was not true about the youngest boy. “She had earlier said that he was her sibling, but it has come to fore that the little boy is her own child,” he said.

After being rescued by the police, they were living at a government-run shelter home in Jumla. 


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