Celebrating womanhood through women voices

Published On: March 8, 2019 07:10 PM NPT By: Srishti Shah

Celebrating womanhood is about acknowledging potentials and embracing the challenges that come with being a woman. It is about celebrating the people in our lives who embrace us for who we are and support us to thrive as the women we choose to be. Let us rejoice the barriers broken, balance attempted, and boundaries pushed. 

Each of us has unique characteristics and unique lives and yet we share outlooks and perspectives as women. We need to embrace the characteristics that come naturally to us that make us nurturers and providers, leaders and followers, professionals and homemakers, loving and fierce, and anything else we decide we want to be. Each of us deserves to be celebrated as each of us are role models in our own rights. Most importantly, all the positivity around us deserves to be propagated and encouraged.

This Women’s Day, let us celebrate the courage in women to overcome stereotypes and biases. Let us celebrate every effort that encourages this courage among women. Let us enjoy the privilege it is to be a woman.  Let us celebrate the voices of women. 

In this episode of Here's why, we celebrate women in their own voices. Nine women from different walks of life express what they love about being women and the challenges and stereotypes they tackle and overcome. Each of these women come from different socio-economic backgrounds which dictates their perspectives on gender barriers witnessed. They have all broken some of the barriers encountered and they all acknowledge that despite the challenges they love being women. These are the voices of women expressing their celebration of womanhood.



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