Birgunj Metropolis ready to welcome new representatives

Published On: September 21, 2017 03:00 AM NPT By: Ritesh Tripathi

BIRGUNJ, Sept 21: While vote counting is taking place in full swing amidst hundreds of people in Thakur Ram Multiple College of Birgunj, preparations are underway at the office of the metropolis in order to welcome the new mayor and deputy mayor of the city. As informed by Pitambar Adhikari, acting chief of the metropolis, a meeting room for the mayor, deputy mayor and 32 ward chiefs has been set up in the office. 

Besides that, the furniture have been colored, floors have been carpeted, curtains have been changed and air conditioners have been placed in various rooms. The rooms of the mayor and deputy mayor have been painted and decorated. “At first, we will organize an oath-taking ceremony for the new representatives and then will conduct other programs,” informed acting chief Adhikari.

Though the preparations had begun since the last one month, the repairing and reconstruction of few infrastructures are yet to complete. “There are few more works left but we will complete it by the next three days,” said Adhikari. Even the vehicles for the new representatives are ready.

Currently, the annual budget of the sub-metropolis is Rs 1.15 billion which is expected to climb around 2 billion from the next fiscal year. As 16 villages have been merged into one metropolis, it will be the responsibility of the new mayor to develop infrastructures there.

Before the elections, the candidates had made various pledges due to which the locals are eagerly waiting for them to assume their office so that they can experience a changed development scenario.

 As the elections were announced after a hiatus of two decades, locals are dying to see the new representatives take their seats and make some changes. There was an overwhelming participation of locals in Parsa with 73% voter turnout. 


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