Biratnagar starts building exhibition hall

Published On: March 8, 2020 09:50 AM NPT By: Binod Subedi

BIRATNAGAR, March 8: The Biratnagar Metropolitan City (BMC) has announced that it is preparing to construct an industrial exhibition hall in the premises of the Nepal Oil Corporation office in Biratnagar. The industrial exhibition hall will be constructed under the partnership of the provincial government, BMC and local stakeholders.

According to Ek Dev Adhikari, head administrative officer of BMC, the construction work of the exhibition hall will begin soon. Earlier, the construction of the view tower and the industrial exhibition hall was obstructed due to the conflict with land and disturbance to the airport. 

According to the BMC officials, the land under the ownership of the Satya Narayan temple has already been leased for 90 years by the Chamber of Industries Morang (CIM). The meeting of the provincial government, BMC officials and representatives of the local units, has decided to forward the construction work. “Tripartite discussion was held on the subject of the model of construction,” said Adhikari. 

The provincial government and BMC had allocated the budget for the industrial exhibition hall last year but due to the dispute in land occupancy, BMC has not allocated any budget for this year. According to Adhikari, business exhibitions will be organized in the exhibition hall after the construction work is completed. 

Rakesh Surana, vice chairperson of CIM, has informed that, construction work of the industrial exhibition hall has been forwarded. According to Surana, the design work of the industrial exhibition hall has already been completed. “After the discussion with the provincial government and BMC, the construction work of the structure will begin from current fiscal year,” said Surana. 

Entrepreneurs in Biratnagar have been demanding the construction of an industrial exhibition hall for years. CIM has taken the lease of the land for the construction of the industrial exhibition hall after receiving assurance from the provincial government.  

According to entrepreneurs, the lack of exhibition halls in the region has hampered the exhibition of agriculture, industry and footwear products.  

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