Bhojpur-Biratnagar flight suspended for six months, locals affected

Published On: March 9, 2020 02:34 PM NPT By: RSS

BHGOJPUR, March 9: The Bhojpur-Biratnagar flight has remained closed for the past six months, causing inconvenience to the people most in this hilly district.

Patients who are referred for advanced treatment to hospitals outside of the District Hospital Bhojpur have been directly affected by the closure of service for months. Those who are not able to charter a helicopter have no way except to suffering a nine-hour long uncomfortable travel by ambulance to reach the refereed hospital. Sometimes patients lose their lives amidst the lengthy trip. Gravel road along the Leguwa-Pakhribas route makes the travel more arduous.

It may be noted that the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) had announced the closure of the flight, citing several reasons, but the general people bear the brunt of the move.

Local Mohan Ale complains that the closure of service without any convincing and clear reason has caused them inconvenience. People of this hilly district are dependent on Biratnagar and Dharan to seek further treatment in case of referred cases.

Before the service closure, the NAC was operating four flights in a week from the district to Biratnagar. The NAC Bhojpur office said the service was suspended for a time is due to a decline in the flights' demand, but locals are not convinced by this claim and want the resumption of flight at any cost.

According to Office Chief Dinesh Sundash, efforts are underway to re-operate the service. People in a senior level have been already apprised of the increasing demand for flights and requested to make arrangements for flight resumption.


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