Being this and that, and everything in between

Published On: November 11, 2016 01:08 PM NPT By: Reya Shreya Rai

Prechya Bajracharya, best known as Pari, has come a long way from being a YouTube sensation and a fierce competitor from the Raw Barz Rap Battle. The 22-year-old lady has risen as a singing protege leaving imprints in many other fields as well. The movie, Jatra, in which Prechya debuts in a supporting role releases today. Pari spoke to Reya Shreya Rai to talk about her struggles, alter-egos, and what makes her the person she is today.

On how she sees herself

I cannot define myself in a sentence, specific adjectives, or words. Regardless, I feel that I’m a creative sort of person and I like to channel my creativity into different forms of art. So I sing and I paint. I rap and I write songs as well. Recently, I uploaded my first makeup tutorial so as to gather more followers on my YouTube channel. I strive for perfection in a lot of fields and I feel that it’s what I do that defines me.

The commencement of Pari

I released my first song in 2012. It was recorded at my boyfriend Sujan’s studio with a karaoke mike. It was really good. I mean, we gathered a good response although I’d never expected it to reach such heights of popularity. It was meant for entertainment. More so, it was recorded for me. Singing is a passion and so it was just me channeling out my passion for the sole purpose of making myself happy. After that, RAW Barz happened. People saw me battling it out with my verbal skills. So, that was the turning point. The hype rose and so did Pari.

Gratitude and inspiration

I’m really grateful for all the love and support I have received thus far. I had never expected the intensity of support that I have now. It is my strength and it really motivates me to work hard as well. I’m actually a reserved person. I don’t like participating in social events and I don’t have a lot of friends. It’s mentally draining for me to be around a lot of people for many reasons. My self esteem plays a crucial role here. That’s something I’m working on and becoming better at handling. But I do prefer to be surrounded by creative minded people and those who motivate me to become better. I enjoy the company of those I can have a normal conversation with because that’s when I can actually get about to sharing ideas and learn and grow. 

The alter ego at the Raw Barz Battle

I prepared myself a lot for RAW Barz. We were given time to prepare ourselves for a month before the final battle so I practiced a lot looking at myself in the mirror. I researched a lot about rap and listened to a lot of rising artists. I’d always wanted to rap but didn’t know the basics before that crucial moment. I learnt to develop my own persona in this field. I have this thing – something like a split personality you could say. I like to call my stable one Prekshya and the one that takes over Pari. So I got possessed by my Pari side on the battleground. I’m not like that when I’m my regular self. It was a very nerve wrecking experience for me. 

The difference between Prechya and Pari

Speaking of myself in third person, Prechya is an absolute introvert. She’s more shy and reserved than you actually presume her to be. Pari is more flamboyant and she’s more confident than Prechya will ever be. I feel that when I’m Prechya, I’m reserving that energy to transform myself into Pari. I suffer from a low self-esteem issue when I’m Prechya and sometimes I find it hard to gather the confidence to be Pari. But when I’ve finally morphed into my Pari persona, I release all that energy that I guess I do have within me. 

The changes that time has brought 

Since 2012, I’ve become a lot more confident but there’s still a long way to go. I guess, the biggest struggle that I faced had always been within myself; dealing with my self-esteem issue. I have trouble being confident enough to take a risk. I have a lot of projects lined up. Yet, I suffer from a fear of releasing them lest people start judging me. I’ve always dreaded my ideas aren’t perfect to deal with a large audience. So, I guess that was the biggest struggle that I faced in my career; dealing with my own mind. Nevertheless, through the years, I’ve learnt to convince myself that perfection is not a compulsory necessity. It is necessary to have a good content but it’s not logical to strive for absolute perfection. I know that now. 

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