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The world of games

Published On: March 24, 2017 11:48 AM NPT By: Reya Shreya Rai

All those of you who enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee or a chilled mug of beer while playing some scrabble or monopoly with your friends and family when you have some time off during the week or on the weekends, it’s time to consider doing something different. There are many gaming options to choose from in Kathmandu that you don’t have to stay cooped up inside the four walls of your living room anymore. Board games don’t just cut it when you can actually be out playing in real time yourself.

Lost & Found

Published On: March 17, 2017 07:29 AM NPT By: Reya Shreya Rai

As it is life isn’t easy, and it’s especially difficult when you are a transgender living in Nepal. Nilam Poudel, a model and makeup artist by profession, who was born a boy but knew from the start that she wasn’t one at heart, has had to face countless struggles and hardships in life to get to where she is now.

Being this and that, and everything in between

Published On: November 11, 2016 01:08 PM NPT By: Reya Shreya Rai

Prechya Bajracharya, best known as Pari, has come a long way from being a YouTube sensation and a fierce competitor from the Raw Barz Rap Battle. The 22-year-old lady has risen as a singing protege leaving imprints in many other fields as well. The movie, Jatra, in which Prechya debuts in a supporting role releases today. Pari spoke to Reya Shreya Rai to talk about her struggles, alter-egos, and what makes her the person she is today.

The masterminds behind the tales

Published On: November 11, 2016 12:54 PM NPT By: Reya Shreya Rai

Ekadeshma International Short Film Festival is a pioneering film festival in Nepal that showcases short films from Nepal and around the world. With 79 compelling and distinctive stories from all over the world, Ekadeshma’s fourth edition begins from today. This year, they tell tales about social struggles and self-revelations, penned down by both student filmmakers and renowned directors alike. The Week’s Reya Shreya Rai speaks to some of these talented filmmakers on their ideas and what they have to offer.

Keeping it suave and breezy

Published On: November 11, 2016 12:23 PM NPT By: Reya Shreya Rai

In the fashion-conscious world that we live in, we often find ourselves fretting too much about whether we’re dressing right or not.

The art of makeup

Published On: November 11, 2016 09:41 AM NPT By: Reya Shreya Rai

Whether you’re a fan of makeup or not, you will always wants to look your best. After all, how you look isn’t only about crafting a good first impression but it also dictates how you feel about yourself.