Beauty blunders: And what you can do about it

Published On: February 1, 2019 11:35 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

There are certain unfortunate things you can accept and still deal with. But that isn’t the case when it comes to your body, particularly the parts that are full on display. It’s important for us that our brows are well shaped and symmetrical and that our hair behaves to keep up all the attempts of having a good appearance. 

But a trip to the hairdresser may ruin it all. You may end up with a haircut that you absolutely dislike or highlights that you want to hide. But what is done is done. It might be impossible to reverse the disaster but there are definitely a few ways for you to work around them. The Week brings to you the solutions to some beauty disasters.  

A bad haircut
Everyone gets a bad haircut once in his/her lifetime, and we understand that it’s hard to look at a mirror when that happens. Besides working out a way with your hairdresser on what can be done to salvage the disaster that is your hair you could also consider getting some highlights. You will be surprised to see what difference they can do. When done right they can shift the focus from a bad layer of hair and add some oomph to it. Trim your hair every now and then to keep away the split ends that prevent your hair from growing faster. If you got a cut that is way shorter than what you are comfortable with, use a flat iron to tame your hair as smooth hair looks longer. Or tie your hair in a bun. We suggest using large claw clips because they are much more convenient to hide sections of hair you would not wish to be visible.

A nick in the nail
Not only do broken nails hurt but they also look unflattering. A completely broken off piece of nail is beyond repair and your only option is to wait for it to grow out or use fake nails. But we may be able to help you out if you nicked your nails partially. Remove any nail polish you may have on your nail and buff your nail lightly. Push back your cuticles and remove any skin that may be on the nail plate. Apply a layer of base nail polish and cover the entire nail with a silk wrap that is shaped like your nail. Before the wrap however, try to attach the piece of broken nail by using some polish. Apply another coat of base nail polish and let it dry. Now file your nail so that all the polish is removed. By now your broken piece of nail will have hardened and you are good to go. However, do apply a coat of transparent polish to give it a layer of protection.

Highlights gone wrong
This one is the worst of all. You go to a salon hoping for a nice color coverage and are ready to pay a significant amount for it and then it goes wrong. You paid for a disaster and that is really unfortunate. Do not consider redoing the highlights entirely because you will just end up damaging your hair. And that’s even more worrisome. Try to style up your hair so that the attention isn’t on the unappealing sections. If you got highlights that look patchy, use a curling tong to make some waves as the volume and shine may actually make your hair look really nice. You could also braid your hair in a fishbone and let out a few strands of hair. Braiding your hair is actually a very smart disguise for all kinds of hair disasters. If the dye is too strong, wash your hair with Head & Shoulders shampoo. This particular shampoo is known to wash off hair dye very effectively.

Misshapen brows
As kids eyebrows were the most unimportant things on a person’s face. Then reality hits. Eyebrows are so important it’s hilarious and one misshapen brow could be a nightmare impossible to live with. Firstly, try to grow it out. Use some Vaseline or castor oil or even olive oil every night before going to bed. This will help speed up the growth of your brows. Use eyeshadow a shade lighter than the color of your brows and apply it to sections that need filling in with an angled flat line blush. It has to be a shade lighter else the filling will look very unnatural. Try your hands at some distracting measures while you wait for your eyebrows to grow – consider getting fringes to hide your brows, for one. Also thick framed eyeglasses may be an option, that is of you do like glasses. 

Tangled hair
If you comb your hair everyday and put in some effort to style it up then it’s natural to assume that you take care of your hair pretty well. But on some days, you feel like a high ponytail and lift up your hair from the nape of your neck to find clumps of hair tangled up really bad. The comb gets stuck on clumps of hair and it’s so frustrating you almost contemplate chopping off that section of your hair, in which case you will have to again seek out the first tip. When this happens we recommend you use some Moroccan oil or hair serum on the tangle and run it into the hair in circles. It’s one strand at a time so be patient. You can use dry shampoo too and it works even faster. To loosen up tangled hair, use a wide toothed comb (but not so wide that it passes through the smaller knots) and comb the ends first.

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