Dr. Shreeja Shikhrakar and Saroj Wagle

The contributor for Republica.

The Future Of Telehealth And AI In Business

Published On: July 28, 2022 05:30 PM NPT By: Dr. Shreeja Shikhrakar and Saroj Wagle

First and foremost, let us understand the meaning of “telehealth.” The word ‘tele’ means “distance” and ‘health’ means “to heal”. Another synonym of telemedicine by Time Magazine as “healing by wire”. Telemedicine also refers to the practice of medicine at a distance whereby information technology is used to ensure the delivery of medical care services. By using mobile phones, laptops, and computers, healthcare providers and doctors can communicate with their patients virtually and write prescriptions or follow-ups. But, at the same time, with the rise of innovative technologies and the use of AI in healthcare — healthcare businesses have taken a different shape, from traditional styles to telehealth.