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Hills are bleeding

Published On: June 13, 2023 09:00 PM NPT By: Bimal Rawal

Take a trip out of Kathmandu – anywhere. The hills are scarred, and it seems beyond repair. One should not be surprised to come across massive hills, even precarious and unsteady hillocks by the side of the road, being bulldozed and flattened to make way for plotting, village roads, eateries, and businesses. There is no method in this madness, merely greed. Generations will have to pay for the risks generated by this greed.

The Religious Shock Doctrine and Cultural Genocide

Published On: December 10, 2021 11:14 AM NPT By: Bimal Rawal

Anyone can practice their faith but to push or impose your faith and beliefs on others especially those who are unable to defend themselves is a blow under the belt. Local and indigenous traditions need to be preserved, protected and all people empowered to practice their faiths, religious customs and beliefs without shame or guilt. People should also be empowered to bring about any change that is required in their faith, but that is not the intention of missionaries. Their aim is to only highlight the harmful traditional practices in the community, and hide the evil traditions of the church.