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How to deal with Nepal? India may take a leaf out of British Raj

Published On: May 25, 2020 03:00 PM NPT By: Sujit Mainali

Indians often pursue the legacy of the British Raj while executing their foreign policy. The maritime security has become a matter of concern to India very recently and thus Indians have less to learn from its colonial history in this regard. However, its engagement with immediate neighbors including Nepal is closely in line with the legacy of British colonialism.

Duty in time of crisis

Published On: March 26, 2020 01:35 PM NPT By: Sujit Mainali

Entire humanity is battling with the greatest challenge unleashed by Covid-19 pandemic. Death toll has crossed 18,000 and infection rate more than 3, 0000. Fortunately, Nepal has not had any fatality so far and only two persons have been tested positive. But fear and panic has gripped us all, badly. But some are making this an occasion to make money. Erosion of professional ethics in multitude of occupations is becoming visible.

Tracing the roots of Nepal’s China policy

Published On: January 27, 2020 10:17 AM NPT By: Sujit Mainali

Nepal’s relations with China date back much earlier than suggested by written evidences. Study of several stone inscriptions shows that volume of Nepal’s trade with China was almost negligible in comparison to that with India during the Licchavi period. However, some important efforts were made by the Lichhavi kings and the Chinese authorities to enhance bilateral engagements. Lichhavi King Narendra Dev had tried to bring two countries closer by improving trans-Himalayan routes.

Diversifying foreign investment

Published On: April 3, 2019 01:00 AM NPT By: Sujit Mainali

If Nepal can diversify foreign investment it will contribute to enabling the country to balance regional and global powers and pursue an independent policy