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How Covid-19 changed everything

Published On: March 24, 2020 09:55 AM NPT By: Sweta Gyanu Baniya

A week ago, life was different. As I am almost getting done with my PhD, I had planned each day to the utmost perfection. Sundays: Going to bazar, journaling, and recently I was planning on making my Sundays “spiritual.” Yoga for three days a week. Teaching for Tuesdays and Thursdays. A date for Wednesdays and Fridays. And, rest of the time writing my dissertation, which I am defending soon to get Doctorate Degree. Everything was perfectly planned and there was a plan B too. But I didn’t plan to live through yet another disaster—the pandemic, the Covid-19 crisis that has crippled lives of hundreds and thousands of us around the world.

Let’s rage together

Published On: March 9, 2019 04:08 AM NPT By: Sweta Gyanu Baniya

We get a lot of reports on someone being raped. Why aren’t we asking why this is happening so frequently?

Save our girls

Published On: July 26, 2018 01:30 AM NPT By: Sweta Gyanu Baniya

Women in Nepal are advancing careers, breaking boundaries and fighting so many intrinsic social evils. But what do we lack so much to stop Chhaupadi?

Rage against rape

Published On: March 8, 2018 01:11 AM NPT By: Sweta Gyanu Baniya

How many of the survivors are battling with their life due to “gang rape”? Can we fathom the pain and suffering of these girls and women?

Redefining Teej

Published On: August 19, 2017 12:26 AM NPT By: Sweta Gyanu Baniya

My 65-year-old Fupu never married but she has fasted since her childhood. She didn’t do so to get a good husband