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Published On: November 22, 2019 10:20 AM NPT By: SITU MANANDHAR

Novu Asian Fusion restaurant, a family owned business, is all about providing the best of Asian cuisine under one roof. According to the manager, Ronak Giri, this is where you can find delicious dishes that are not only different but feel like a perfect mingling of various food cultures. 

“This semi-fine dining restaurant aims to provide Asian fusion cuisines of Chinese and Thai origin but soon we will also be adding popular Asian dishes from Japan and Korea,” says Giri adding that the restaurant will also be celebrating all the Asian food festivals like dumpling festivals, seafood festival, Chinese and Thai New Year so that the people here can get a taste of food that is a specialty at these times. 

There are three restaurants within the same building where Novu Asian Fusion Restaurant is located. Giri informed me that all three eateries were owned by the same management and that each one served a different purpose. The café specialized on breakfast and coffees while the two restaurants including Novu Asian Fusion were rather meant for lunches and dinners. 

And at Novu Asian Fusion Restaurant, the ambience is quite relaxing, making it an ideal place to have dinner with family and friends. The seating spaces were comfortable to lounge in. The décor too seemed to have been done up with a lot of care and you can take some really aesthetic Instagram photos here. 

Calling Novu Asian Fusion Restaurant a good place for family gatherings, corporate meetings as well as hanging out with friends, Giri says that their motto has always been to cater to all types of people. 

I personally really liked the live kitchen at the restaurant. You can actually watch the entire process of your food being cooked and not only does that make you feel good because you know how they are handling your dish, but it’s really fun to watch the chefs at play too. Giri also informed me that they try to use local ingredients to ensure freshness. However, they have to import some ingredients because they are unavailable in Nepal.  

Everything at the restaurant has been done in order to leave no room for complaint. I shall definitely be going back here with my family and I recommend you do the same. 

BBQ Steam Chicken 
Price: Rs 510 

BBQ Chicken is cooked in an authentic Chinese BBQ style by steaming. However, the smoky taste of the BBQ was quite different than the traditional BBQ where the chicken is grilled directly over fire. Garnished with three types of bell pepper, it’s presented so well that just looking at it makes your mouth water. The perfect balance of smoky and sweet flavor, the BBQ Chicken is my personal favorite. 

Thai Red Curry 
Price: Rs 500


This dish is packed with different flavors. From lemongrass to Thai basil, there are subtle hints of various spices that give this dish a unique taste. The chicken is also wonderfully marinated and is juicy and tender. The gravy was just the right consistency, neither too thick nor too runny and thin. The presentation was also nicely done and it went really well with plain white rice. Every spoonful was a little bite of heaven. 

Adam Aere 
Price: Rs 600 

I found the blue and red layering in Adam Aere really fascinating. This drink turned out to the perfect blend of three different juices: litchi, guava, and orange, grenadine syrup, and soda. It was a bit on the fizzier side perhaps because of the soda but it was also very refreshing.

Crackling Spinach
Price: Rs 450

To be honest, I never thought I would say this for spinach but this Chinese cuisine is simply delicious. The recipe utilizes ingredients such as as sesame seed, sugar, chili flakes and herbal salt on crunchy deep fried spinach. It actually makes for a good starter as it’s kind of like having French fries, just a healthier version of it. 

Goong Hai Nam Wah
Price: Rs 775


The signature dish at Novu Asian Fusion Restaurant was something I had never tried before. It’s basically prawns wrapped in banana leaves and then smoked. The banana leaves are edible albeit a little on the bitter side. It’s definitely an acquired taste. Served with homemade sweet chili sauce, the prawns were well cooked and super juicy. 

Kiwi Colada 
Price: Rs 750  

Kiwi Colada is a good drink to look at and to consume. Made with orange juice, kiwi syrup, and coconut milk, this classic mocktail is refreshing and light. Initially, I wasn’t very sure about mixing milk and juice but surprisingly these two ingredients work really well together. 


Novu Asian Fusion RestaurantDhobighat, Lalitpur 
Opening hours    :     11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Additional charges    :     13% VAT and 10% Service Charge
Parking    :     Available
Delivery    :     Available

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