Alam arrest revives writ petitioner's hopes of justice

Published On: October 15, 2019 07:27 AM NPT By: Madan Thakur

RAUTAHAT, Oct 15: The arrest of former minister and Nepali Congress lawmaker Mohammad Aftab Alam on Sunday on the charge of multiple murders in Rautahat back in 2008 has left the families of the victims as well as locals more confident about the rule of law .

Talking to Republica on Monday, an emotional Sri Narayan Singh, whose 23-year-old son was killed in the incident, said he was looking forward to seeing the culprit 'rot' in jail.

"I struggled for justice for so long. I had lost all hope and felt exhausted. But now, following Alam's arrest, I feel renewed hope," Singh said with tears in his eyes.

The incident took place just ahead of the 2008 constituent assembly election. A day before polling day on April 10, 2008, Singh's son was approached by Alam who asked him for his cooperation in the poll campaign. Alam had reportedly planned a bomb blast with the intention of terrorizing voters and capturing polling booths. But some bombs exploded accidentally, injuring many including Singh's son who was popularly known as 'Pintu'. Fearing that his plot would get exposed, Alam allegedly dragged all the injured to a kiln factory and burned them to death.

"Although it was the height of inhumanity, he was never held to account," said Singh adding that it was not easy fighting for justice against the 'powerful man'.

Alam reportedly had the backing of then home minister Krishna Situala. It is also said that he was 'a favorite' of the late Girija Prasad Koirala and as along the Nepali Congress was in power, he remained untouched by the law.

"We had nearly lost all hope. But now the police have arrested him. This is no small matter and it has gladdened the hearts of all locals here," said Singh, who had filed a petition at the Supreme Court .

The Supreme Court on May 29, 2012 ordered a proper investigation into the case and action against the guilty.

Dharchhan Sah, 76, of Rautahat still remembers the 'black day' vividly. He was among those who heard the bomb blast and saw the ensuing panic and chaos . "It happened near my house. I still tremble when the memory returns," he said.

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