Agriculture output in Dadeldhura sees a sharp decline as wildlife rampage displaces farmers from occupation

Published On: August 5, 2021 11:25 AM NPT By: RSS

DADELDHURA, August 5: Agriculture output has gradually slumped in Dadeldhura district as farmers are being displaced from agricultural occupation after wild animals arriving from nearby conservation areas started frequently ravaging their crops. 

Local farmers have increasingly abandoned agro production with the rise in the number of wildlife following the conservation of Rishikhola Community Forest area stretching over Amargadhi Municipality-1 and different wards of district headquarters. 

Dil Bahadur Tamrakar, a local, said farmers of Ajaymeru Rural Municipality, Nawadurga Rural Municipality and Bhageswor Rural Municipality have shifted their occupation to other sectors due to increasing wildlife rampage on farming. 

"What to do with crop cultivation when we do not get a chance to consume them?" he questioned, adding that the wildlife rampage has displaced many farmers from the occupation. 

Ramesh Damai, a local of Ajayameru-1, said better conservation of wildlife has increased risk of animal groups intruding on crops. 

However, Ajayameru Rural Municipality Chair Umesh Prasad Bhatta said they are mulling a plan to identify areas where wildlife rampage can be checked and avoided. 

Likewise, Amargadhi-6 ward chair Govinda Rajan Bhatta said barbed wire had been placed as wildlife started destroying all crops.

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