A year after local election, construction of ward offices intensified in Mustang

Published On: June 26, 2018 04:05 AM NPT By: SUSHIL BABU THAKALI

MUSTANG, June 26: A year after the successful conclusion of the local elections, the construction of ward offices has been intensified in the mountain district of Mustang.

It had been really difficult for the officials of the local governments in the district to meet the staffers and service seekers in the absence of appropriate buildings to house their offices. Currently, the office building of Gharpajhong Rural Municipality-1 is under construction. Almost 90% of the work has been completed so far. The rural municipality has sanctioned a budget of Rs 4 million for the construction of the building. 

The new building has six rooms. As per Chandra Thakali, the contractor of the the building, all ward offices will be set up in concrete buildings. According to him, currently three ward offices are under construction in the rural municipality. In the next fiscal year, the rural municipality will be constructing some more ward offices. Aita Prasad Thakali, chairperson of Gharpojhong-1, stated that the construction of ward offices has improved the relations between two villages.

The workers of Chairo and Chimang villages have come together for the construction of the buildings. "We hope that it will be easier for us to deliver our services after the construction of ward offices," said Thakali, "We will dedicate ourselves completely to the welfare of the people after the construction of the ward offices."

Due to the lack of proper office buildings, the local representatives stay in the district headquarters Jomsom. So, the locals have to travel or walk a long distance even for minor services. However, they will have no such obligation from now onward after the construction of the ward offices.

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