976 classrooms await reconstruction in Gorkha

Published On: July 31, 2018 04:00 AM NPT By: Narahari Sapkota

GORKHA, July 31: The reconstruction of school buildings ravaged by the devastating earthquakes of 2015 has slowed down again in Gorkha, compelling thousands of students to study under tents since the last few years.

Currently, around 200 schools are under reconstruction in the district, according to District Project Implementation Unit (DPIU).

"So far, the construction of around 50 schools has been completed while more than half of the total damaged schools are still under construction," said Ram Prasad Acharya, chief of DPIU.

The details provided by the unit show that around 976 classrooms of various schools need reconstruction. A total of 91 schools in 11 local units of the district need reconstruction.

In Siranchowk Rural Municipality, 167 classrooms are to be rebuilt, which is the highest among all the local units followed by Arughat Rural Municipality with 150 classrooms. Likewise, there are schools in many other local units which are awaiting reconstruction. The sluggish work of the donor organizations is the major reason behind the delay, says chief of the DPIU Acharya.

He informed Republica that the construction of all quake-damaged schools will likely be completed within the next two years. "We will reconstruct concrete schools within two years if we are provided with proper budget," Acharya said. While some of the organizations have expedited the work, many have halted the process citing various reasons.

Organizations like JICA, Gorkha Foundation, and the Indian Embassy among others disappointed the locals with their reconstruction work at snail's pace. They have not even submitted the progress report.

Buildings constructed spending millions lack students

Most of the school buildings constructed without inspection and proper study have remained useless in Gorkha. The DPIU had constructed a building in Palungtar for Dharmawati Primary School (DPS) with an investment of Rs 2.1 million. However, the school recently got merged with a nearby school. Currently, the school building remains unused.

Similarly, the building of Bhagwati Primary School, Phinam, which was built with a budget of Rs 6.4 million remains vacant after the school got merged with another school. While many students are obliged to study under tents in lack of school building, some schools have left their reconstructed buildings unused. This has wasted millions of rupees of various government and non-government organizations.


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