Live your life! You are precious!

Published On: November 19, 2016 09:23 AM NPT By: Natasha Jha

Learning is a continuous process. We learn from everything and everyone. But in this race of learning, we forget to live and love.

At nine, I wanted to become a lawyer. I was eighteen when I discovered my potential to achieve my dreams. But in the process of discovering and achieving my goals, I got lost somewhere.

The world has become so materialistic that it has crushed the innocence of thousands like me, like you, like us. And today as I stare at the stars above me, I realize I am nowhere in the world and have lost myself.

The world is now not a place to live but a race to run, which I have been running for the last five years and I realize that there is no end to this race, may be it will end the day I die; or maybe not, may be that would be a start of another race!

The battle of winning seems never ending to me. No person is perfect; therefore no one ever is always a winner. I might win as a daughter, but I might lose as someone’s lover. Or maybe I might become a great lawyer someday and leave the writer inside me behind. We will not win everytime.

So, why to run? When you can walk slowly and enjoy living, when you can do things with love and not by rushing, when you can be yourself and know the art of living, for me, this is where you win; when your heart is bruise-free and your mind is stress-free and you smile to yourself, you win.

Do not try to win the never ending races, try to win yourself as a self loving person. Dear readers, take care of yourself, you are precious.

Natasha is an undergraduate student of BBM-LLB at Kathmandu University.

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