People defying quarantine rules in Sudur Paschim

Published On: March 28, 2020 06:43 AM NPT By: SUDUR PASHCHIM BUREAU

DHANGADHI, March 28: Sudur Paschim Province is at a very high risk of a novel coronavirus outbreak since thousands of people who came back home from different parts of India in the last few weeks have largely defied the government order to stay at home quarantine. Due to the lack of proper monitoring, they are seen 'passing time' making groups, roaming around on streets and markets in a casual manner. According to the police, over 150,000 Nepalis entered Nepal from India through just two borders – Trinagar and Gaddhachauki in just last 10 days. Among those, around 1,500 people were offered drop home facility, kept in home quarantine and are under supervision through local administrations. Thousands of others are simply on their own - many of them are illiterate and unable to realize the gravity of the impending risk of the deadly virus. Locals have been lamenting this situation.

"In our village, there are around 30 people who returned from India recently. They are moving around so freely, going wherever they please. This is a very worrisome situation," said a woman from Nawadurga Rural Municipality of Dadeldhura. "When we ask them not to come around us, our streets, they yell at us instead stating that they have already tested for the coronavirus," she added.

According to her, the entire village is in a state of panic due to this lack of discipline of some people. Even a mild fever or cough has become a huge source of worry amid the lack of health facilities that could test things right away.

Meanwhile, a senior Dr Shubhesh Raj Kayastha stated that those who came from India or elsewhere needed to follow the government order to be in home quarantine necessarily.

"At least for 14 days, they needed to lock themselves at home. But they are behaving as usual times and this is risky for everyone indeed," he said.

On Friday, the fourth case of novel coronavirus has been detected and it is from Dhangadhi. The returnee migrant worker is under treatment.

Mohana Saud, a health worker deployed at the help desk at Pudchauri Municipality – 6 reported that people do not like to stay in home quarantine. "Even when they are urged to do so, they answer us that they did all tests before coming here," he said.

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