8 things you must do before hitting the gym every morning

Published On: December 10, 2016 05:37 PM NPT By: Agencies

We all shoot up and plunge like mercury. Sometimes, our enthusiasms know no bounds and we are all geared up to work out two hours every day. The other times, we hit rock bottom and even moving ourselves off our beds is out of the question. But there are certain ways which can help us stick to our routines. Be it through motivation to lose weight for an upcoming wedding or just staying in a good shape, following will help you lose weight in a better way and stick to your exercise regime.


Hydrating yourself before your workout is essential. The amount of water that you should consume varies according to your age, sex, weight and height but as a thumb rule, consume 20 ounces (590 ml) of water at least half an hour before gymming. At the same time, try to drink a quantity that doesn’t make you feel bloated.

Have black coffee

Coffee is known to stimulate thermogenesis. This process helps your body derive energy from food and hence, burns more fat. Caffeine also helps in mobilizing fatty acids from tissues, enhancing performance by up to 12 per cent.

Have a good sleep

A good night sleep is the simplest recipe to a healthy body and a healthy workout. A well rested body has a better mechanism and will help you feel more energetic. Just make sure that you do not run to the gym sluggish. Have a gap between waking up and hitting the gym so that your body isn’t too stiff.

Eat before gym

Usually our morning gym routines do not include eating before hitting the gym. We get up, dress up and get going. But for a better and high intensity workout, have something before your workout. Some good options are bananas, apples, low-sugar protein bars, or protein shakes. Try maintaining a gap of an hour between eating and exercising or you may end up nauseating.

Pen down your everyday routine

This is a new trend which fitness experts are stressing on. Write your everyday routine – on a paper or digitally – whichever way you prefer. This helps you better your own performance as you get a sense of being monitored.

Invest in workout wear

Investing in exercise apparel is something we all keep on a snooze. But the doing will have two positive (and significant) impacts on your workout – it will better your exercise by its comfort and elasticity and better apparel will keep you motivated to hit the gym.

Plan your day

This is a significant factor if you are often too lazy to get going. Plan what all exercises and machine workouts you will be doing. Planning will boost your motivation to achieve what you have set your mind to.

Update your playlist

A better and updated playlist will keep you breaking ground. Make sure you have the latest AC/DC or David Guetta track or go for the bhangra beats if that is what keeps you grooving.







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