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Published On: October 21, 2016 07:10 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

You have to realize that your skin is different from your friends

KATHMANDU, Oct 21: In today’s world, as much as we might try to oppose the trend, we are forced to take care of our appearance as well. Jobs, dates, functions or our day-to-day life influence us to appear in accordance with current trends. Reya Shreya Rai talked Dr Sabina Bhattarai, dermatologist at Kathmandu Medical College, to help you battle your skin related problems so that you may have one less thing to worry about today.

What can be done to avoid acne scarring once it breaks out?
Once acne breaks out on your face, the best thing you can do to avoid scarring is nothing at all. Don’t focus too much on the acne. Don’t keep prodding and squeezing at it. This is the perfect way you could transform it into a permanent scar. However, if you feel that it’s there to stay, you can get it treated in a timely manner using various anti- acne scarring creams.

Is hyper pigmentation of skin genetic in nature? How and why does it occur?
Most of the time hyper pigmentation is genetic in nature. It occurs due to sun exposure, hormonal changes and even drugs that react with light. Drugs like hydroquinone could react with light and causes hyper pigmentation. Basically, you get hyper pigmentation when there’s an overproduction of pigment known as Melanin in the skin.

Nowadays, we can notice a lot of people with breakouts and zits on their faces. How can skin problems be taken care of despite the weather and pollution?
The first thing we need to do is clean our face well. Two times a day is enough. Hormonal changes produce more oil in our skin that in turn, with the help of the current weather and pollution, contributes in the clogging of pores. This renders our skin more prone to acne and zits. So to avoid this, you can wash your face with soap and water or use a good cleanser to get rid of the excess oil. Also, you need to ditch hair oils and facials. The truth behind facials is that a lot of oil is used in the process as well as steam and such which actually contributes much in the case of clogged pores and increases the chances of breakouts.

Could you advise some skin care hacks for people despite their skin type?
Oiling and moisturizing are necessities that all types of skin deserve. However, it’s the intensity that you should keep in mind while attending to the type of skin you possess. So if you’ve got oily skin, it is best when you go for gel based products; gel based sunscreen, gel based moisturizers and so on. In the case of dry skin, aim for products that moisturize more while the ones with the combination skin could depend more on lotions as they are more ph balanced in nature.

Is it true that eating habits and stress contributes in breakouts?
The relation between eating habits and acne has not yet been proven scientifically so we cannot delve deep into it right now. In the case of stress though, this is as accurate as it gets. So you can experience breakouts before examinations, during hours of tension and pressure. The best way to handle these situations is by drinking lots of water, eating in a timely manner and may be by adopting a healthy habit such as Yoga and other breathing exercises.

Are PMS breakouts a myth or actually true in nature?
Breakouts can occur during periods. This is because of the hormonal changes that occur in women during the monthly phase. These hormones contribute in the activation of the acne glands and this way, you end up suffering with not only cramps but with pimples that pop up uninvited as well.

What healthy habits can we adopt to maintain a healthy and glowing complexion?
First of all, get into the habit of drinking lots of water. A balanced diet, rich in anti-oxidants is a good thing too. More Vitamin C, and Vitamin E in your diet can lead to a glowing complexion. However, fast food and oily food are not to be consumed on a daily basis for a healthy body and good skin health.

What kind of beauty products should we use to get good skin?
Due to the recommendation of friends, and advertisements, people buy products which are not tested and not recommended by dermatologists. You have to realize that your skin is different from your friends. Something that works on someone else might not work as well on you. So, you have to exercise caution as beauty products are not customized. So, the ideal way to go is to always use medicated creams or creams recommended by doctors. These creams are tested, tried and manufactured keeping your skin health in mind. There are so many research-based proofs when it comes to medicated products. These are always better than all the fancy creams you get these days.

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