304 men register divorce cases in eleven months Jhapa

Published On: August 9, 2019 03:30 PM NPT By: RSS

JHAPA, Aug 9: The number of men seeking the help of a court to end their married life has increased in Jhapa with the Nepal Civil Code- 2074 BS coming into force from August 17, 2018.

Since then, 304 divorce cases have been filed by men, the court data shows. In the first eleven months of the enforcement of the Code, the District Court had received 818 appeals for divorce-514 by women and 304 by men, according to court registrar Durga Prasad Khanal. The existing Civil Code has paved the way for a man directly approaching the court to seek an end to the marriage. Prior to this, the process was quite lengthy.

In this period, the court had given its final decisions on 683 cases relating to the divorce. As per the prevailing legal provision, the court could not give a final verdict on the divorce case till a year of the filing if it was filed one-sidedly or if both parties did not present before the court before that period.

Senior advocate and Jhapa Bar Unit chair Lekhnath Niraula said foreign employment has appeared as one of the reasons provoking divorce. Besides, the law favorable to men to seek divorce has led to the rise of divorce cases, he added. -

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