Women finding festivals less tedious

Published On: October 8, 2016 08:35 AM NPT By: Gyanu Sapkota

KATHMANDU, Oct 7: Although in the past, festivals meant additional work for women, the scenario is gradually changing. In recent years, they face less hassles and a more liberal family environment.

It was quite common in our patriarchal society for women to make all the arrangements for the celebration from shopping, cleaning, cooking, preparing for rituals to welcoming guests, said Sabita Poudel, from Argakhachi, who works in a project in Kathmandu.

“Earlier, women worked while male members spent time mingling with their friends and relatives,” said Poudel. “The scenario is slowly changing. These days males too join in household work,” she added. “Male are now more involved in domestic work.”

“I used to take care of household chores all by myself during festivals. But from the last year, my husband is helping me a lot. The culture is changing slowly and making our life more comfortable,” said Pabitra Bista, 24, from Mahendranagar.

“Women have joined the workforce and it is no longer like the old days when female worked only at home,” said Tulsi Devi Rai, 57, from Khotang. She further stated that nowadays both man and women find enough time for fun as well as work at the time of festivals.

“It is true that women work more during the festivals than males,” said Khadga Shahi, a Nepali teacher at Sainik Awashiya School of Surkhet. “However, I do help my wife when I am home during festival time.”

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