Kitchen décor ideas

Published On: May 3, 2019 08:55 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Add some pattern and color
If you want a sleek look for your kitchen, you can stick to a monochromatic palette while still adding interest and personality to the area. A continuous pattern, like black-and-white zigzag or even polka dots, running across a counter or backsplash is graphic and unexpected. If you are up for adding a dash of color, give cabinets a fresh coat of paint. A bright shade of blue or orange is a cheery alternative to the sleek monochrome look. To avoid visual commotion, try to keep the rest of your accessories (kitchen textiles, serving ware, plates, and glasses) in this color palette.

Focus on storage
If you are short on cabinet space, consider hanging floating shelves to hold frequently used tools or display favorite accessories. For an unexpected decorative touch, line the backs of the shelves with wallpaper in interesting patterns and designs. Just make sure it coordinates with the overall look you are aiming for and doesn’t clash with it. Also, work on displaying your cookware by mounting a rack and sturdy metal hooks. It creates a kitchen-worthy focal point in place of a backsplash and frees up precious cabinet space. If you have a small kitchen, consider purchasing rolling shelves that can be moved around and stowed away according to your needs. 

Pay attention to details
A kitchen doesn’t have to be just a functional space where every item needs to serve a cooking purpose. You can make it cozy and inviting by adding accessories that you would in a living space or the bedroom. Whip up some whimsy in your kitchen decor by adding fun wall decals and colorful artwork. Decals can be swapped out at any time to make changing the look of your kitchen quick and easy. Consider framing a recipe you love from the pages of a cookbook, add a tall vase with some plant cuttings, display your pretty cookbooks, put a rug on the floor, get interesting boxes and jars to store teabags and coffee, hang a windchime or some string lights – there are just so many things you can do to pretty up the space. 

Organize the pantry and the fridge 
Whether or not you keep any of your non-perishables out on the countertop, glass, plastic and wood containers help everything look organized and elegant. Food packages designed to grab attention on the grocery shelves can be an eyesore at home, plus the right containers can help keep your items fresh longer. Also, you don’t want your kitchen decor to delight you only to be stressed every time you open the fridge. Consider fridge organization tools and containers that will make it easier to fit and to find everything you need. Much like your pantry, even though it is not always on display, it’s a part of your daily experience in the kitchen.

Use trays
Grouping similar items together on a tray to keep things tidy and organized is a great idea. Trays also make it a lot easier to clean down the kitchen counters as you can just move the tray instead of moving a bunch of little items. It will also help you with storage if you are low on space. Create a mini tray of sauces and spices, one for spoons, forks, knives and napkins, and another for your tea or coffee things. You can use as many trays as you want, just remember to group similar items together so that you aren’t left searching for things. You can opt to buy wooden trays for this purpose but you can also refurbish the ones you already have at home by spray painting them or covering them with pretty fabric. 

Plant herbs on the windowsill 
A really easy and practical way to make your kitchen look (and smell) really good is by planting some herbs. You can buy inexpensive little planters in different colors and sizes at various nurseries around town and use these to grow rosemary, basil, mint, or any other herb of your preference. You can also plant coriander, cherry tomatoes, and chilies as these are frequently used in Nepali cuisines. You will not only be adding a dash of green to your space but using herbs and spices grown in your own kitchen can be very satisfying too. As a general rule of thumb, make sure your herbs are placed in a spot that gets at least six hours of sun daily.

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