Décor decoded: Five decor mistakes that everyone makes

Published On: March 16, 2018 09:19 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

No matter how many hours you spend scrolling through the internet to create a perfect design plan or rotating accessories throughout your house, interior decorating is always a bit tricky. And if that weren’t enough of a challenge, there are some basic décor mistakes that we unknowingly succumb to that send all our efforts down the drain. So The Week sought the help of Shreebha Shrestha, interior designer at Interior Points Nepal in Shankhamul, Kathmandu, to list out the top five common mistakes we all make while decorating our homes and also learn how to best correct them.

Mistake #1: Getting too caught up in trends 

Many often feel insecure when it comes to buying an accessory for their homes. They tend to listen to others and and follow the trends without giving a thought to their own style sentiments and personalities. Currently, metallic accents are the leading trend of the furnishing industry. But this does not mean that everybody can incorporate it in their homes. 

Shrestha says you have to promote your own personal style as well. After all, trends start because someone takes to an idea in the first place. So, when you want to add new things in your house, consider what you like and how you want it to serve you. Trends come and go, what you love will stand the tests of time. 

Mistake #2: Putting photos and art in every possible space 

Photos are a great way to personalize your space but you can just as easily go wrong with this simple décor trick. Shrestha says that while there are many ways of decorating with photos, the one basic rule of thumb is to not go overboard with it. Stick to an area where you want to display photos and choose the ones you want to hang. You can rotate the display and store the rest when not in use. 

Also, the same rule applies with art as well. Don’t put it everywhere and make sure you display it at eye level. Choose a focal point, be it above your sofa or the dining table, but don’t keep it surrounded by other photo frames. Even if you have more than one piece, treat them as one and hang them at the same level. Make sure you leave a small gap in between the pieces though to make them look pulled together and not disconnected.

Mistake #3: Choosing the wrong rug and playing matching-matching 

Rugs might just be floor coverings but it can transform the way your rooms looks and feels. So, be precise with the designs and measurements. Small area rugs work well for bedrooms and kitchen areas. But, in the living room, small sized or floating rugs can make the room look disproportional. So, before buying one, make sure you have an accurate measurement of your room. Rugs should be large enough to ground the whole seating area and have your furniture’s first feet placed on it.

Also, you don’t need to match every accessory in a room to make it look posh. This may look nice in a themed page from a catalog but doesn’t really work well in a home setting. You don’t need to get the same color bedsheet as your wall paint or polish your furniture in the same tone. Instead, rooms should be something where you can see different accents that capture the eye and interest. Shrestha says adding a little variation to your space is never a wrong thing. 

Mistake #4: Not giving a room enough light

Opt for a dimmer switch while installing lights in your room. This is one decision you will not definitely not regret as it will give you good control over the intensity of light depending on what you are in the mood for. Also, improper lighting or bad lighting can spoil the overall ambience of a room by making it look too dull and closed up. The right light, on the other hand, can really open up a space and make it look airy and bigger than it is. If you are up for some experimentation, then you can also hang string lights in creative designs. But don’t go overboard with it and hang it everywhere. Too much of lighting accessories here and there can make a space look tacky. 

Mistake #5: Arranging furniture against the wall

It is natural to want space to move around in your home but the more, the better mindset shouldn’t rule your decorating sensibilities where space is concerned. People usually fall into the simple styling trap where all the pieces of furniture are pushed up against the walls. But the fact is this really does not save or create more space. Try moving the pieces off the wall and arrange them so that they face one another. This will create more intimate and useful seating. For space saving, avoid huge sofas and go for unconventional furniture as small comfortable chairs or beanbags. You can also draw the basic plan on a notebook and play with the placement of the furniture before you actually put them in a room.

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