571 valuable books of Yogi Naraharinath collected

September 15, 2016 01:10 AM Devendra Basnet

DANG, Sept 15: In a bid to preserve books of historical significance, Brihad Adhyatmik Parishad, a religious council, has collected 571 books of late spiritual practitioner Yogi Naraharinath. The books would greatly contribute to the historical aspects besides their spiritual significance, says Bishwo KC Pokharel, general secretary of the council.

"His books carry important historical facts," said Pokharel. 

The council collected 139 books from Yogi Naraharinath's ashram at Mrigasthali, 11 books from Devghat, 18 books from Dang and rest of the books from other places. 

"We are in a race to collect as many books of the Yogi as possible. We want to make sure his teachings and historical recordings do not go in vain," Pokhrel said.  

His books on Gorkha Banshawali, Yogi Banshawali and Devmala Banshawali were found in Dang. Yogi Naraharinath had performed 'yajna' rites in several parts of Nepal and India.

He had performed 129 Kotihoms, five Shivayajnas and 45 Laxyahoms. 

"We believe that he might have left some precious texts in those places where he performed such rituals. We are trying to collect the books from all those places," Pokharel informed while adding that the recovered books would be republished.

According to the council, Yogi Naraharinath had left home at the age of eight. He had been to Haridwar, Lahore, Ludhiyana and Benaras where he pursued higher education. He played a crucial role in the movement against slaughtering of cow in India. The Yogi was also amongst the freedom fighters during the free India movement. 

His stay in various parts of India and Nepal inspired him to record the experience in written form. In course of doing so, he wrote a number of books. The council claims that he has written over nearly 600 books. Interestingly, he had published his articles in 28 different languages, according to the council. "His books talk of societies of Nepal and India, our folk culture, literature, Hindu philosophy and archeological matters, among others," Pokharel said. 

Pokhrel added that it is necessary to preserve the precious books of the Yogi for the sake of the future generation. The books which nearly disappeared after the death of the Yogi on February 25, 2003 were found out with great effort, dusted off and preserved in the last few years. Yogi Naraharinath was born in 1971 BS in Lalu village of Kalikot and breathed his last at Mirgasthali, Pashupathinath at the age of 88.  


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