‘Illegal’ private transformers troubling pedestrians

Published On: September 30, 2018 07:41 AM NPT By: Ritesh Tripathi

BIRJUNG, Sept 30: Random installation of private transformers on the roadsides of Birgunj is troubling pedestrians and vehicles, as several bank, hotels, industries and business organizations have installed transformers on roadside footpaths. Nepal Electric Authority (NEA) is supplying electricity on such illegally installed transformers. 

According to Birgunj Metropolitan City, no trade and financial institution or industry has taken permission to install such private transformers. 

Movement of vehicular traffic has been increasing on the limited roads of Birgunj every day, and the private transformers have come as a major cause for the increasing traffic jam, according to Prakash Tibadewal, an activist of the 'Organized Birgunj' campaign. “I don't remember anybody coming for permission to install these private transformers. We also have not been able to give attention toward this issue," said electricity engineer Surendra Prashad Shah of Birgung Metropolitan City. 

There are at least five dozens of illegal private transformers installed along the way from Rajat Jayanti Chowk to Parvanipur, with highest concentration in Adarshanagar area. 

“The metropolitan city should send a letter to the concerned authorities to remove their private transformers,” said Munindra Thakur, chief of NEA Birgunj Distribution Center. He further said that concerned industry installs private transformer on its own expenses. Then they submit an application to the NEA for electricity supply. After that the NEA supplies electricity as per the requirement of customers, he argued. “Metropolitan city is responsible for this,” he added. “The NEA can supply electricity up to 50 KV from its own transformer but if NEA transformer is not installed at the area or if the supply from NEA transformer is high, then the industries themselves have to install transformers,” he said. 

However, officials at Birgunj Metropolitan City are unaware of this issue. Mayor Bijay Sarawagi said that private transformers or any other infrastructure are not allowed to be built on the roadside. He said that the metropolitan city will take needful action against the private transformers.

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