PM urges main opposition to accept democratic procedure

Published On: July 24, 2018 02:36 PM NPT

KATHMANDU, July 24:Prime Minister and Communist Party of Nepal (CPN)'s chair KP Sharma Oli has called on the main opposition, Nepali Congress, to move ahead by accepting democratic process. 

In his address to a programme today at the CPN's central office Dhumbarahi, the Prime Minister urged the main opposition to move ahead by abiding by the federal democratic republic system and the constitutional supremacy. 

"The parliament formulates laws and the NC is ready to accept it or not?", he questioned. He went on to say that undemocratic, reactionary and anti-people efforts were not acceptable for the government. 

He took the time to claim that integration between the two communist parties and the formation of a stable government had disturbed the reactionary forces. 

Giving his views about the hunger strike of Prof Dr Govinda KC and his demands, the CPN chair claimed the CPN had been always making efforts to ensure free healthcare services and quality education for all.

According to him, all problems in the country will be resolved through talks and parliamentary procedures. As he said, a strike in emergency areas like health was not appropriate and protesting senior orthopedic surgeon Dr KC had to be brought to the central capital as the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences recommended the need of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) treatment for him. PM Oli questioned, "Can't the government offer medical treatment to Dr KC?". He opined that some political parties were politicizing in the name of Dr KC and asserted," This should not happen." 

The PM affirmed that he had been taking vow daily to discharge his duty as the head of the government, acknowledging his responsibilities towards the country and the people. 

Struggle against anti-revolutionary continues: Dahal 
Meanwhile, CPN another Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has claimed that a conspiracy was being hatched against the unity among the leftists and a wrong message was being disseminated against the incumbent government formed with a two-thirds majority. 

Dahal said, "Although we won in the elections we are yet to emerge a winner in the revolution. The struggle between the revolution and anti-revolution continues. Reactionary forces despise the unity among the leftist forces and the stable government. But we won't let such conspiracies to come to fruition." 

According to him, some forces were fabricating stories against the incumbent government and spreading wrong impressions about the CPN and using all tools against the stable government. 

Dahal urged one and all in the government and party to foil the conspiracy and dispel the illusions surrounding the CPN. 

Furthermore, the former Prime Minister claimed that some forces were trying to make the incumbent government a failure exploiting the case of Dr KC to their advantage. 


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