16 border pillars missing in Panchthar

Published On: May 16, 2018 07:36 AM NPT By: Giriraj Baskota

PANCHTHAR, May 16: An inspection team deployed by the District Police Office, Panchthar, has found 16 border pillars missing along the Nepal-India border in Panchthar district’s uplands. 

A detailed study on the border pillars carried out recently by the District Police Office found 16 out of 113 pillars missing in the region. Seven pillars in Phalaincha, three in Chyangthapu, three in Prangbung, two in Sidin, and one in Mememang have been found missing. Two out of nine Junge pillars in the district are in dilapidated condition, according to the study, which was concluded last week.

According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Bamdev Gautam, the inspection was conducted along the border with India’s West Bengal and Sikkim states spanning 45 kilometers. The team could locate only 97 out of the 113 pillars that were supposed to be in Panchthar. After the police found out that 4 out of the 117 pillars were in Ilam, a monitoring operation was carried out to inspect the 113 pillars in Panchthar. The team started the inspection on foot from February.

Police have reported that foundations of four out of the 16 missing pillars were detected whereas there were no signs of the remaining 12 pillars. Study of this kind had not been done for a long time. The study found that Nepali security personnel do not monitor the border whereas the Indian security personnel have been regularly patrolling the border. 

Since the border lies in dangerous high altitude region, Nepali security personnel have not been deployed to the area, according to the inspection team. 

“Locals reacted very happily to our presence. They requested us to regularly patrol the border. They complained that Indian security personnel have been giving them problems and using Nepali territory and resources freely,” said a police officer from the inspection team. 

The inspection was carried out in Timbu Pokhari region, which sees thick snow most of the year. Locals in the area are dependent on livestock rearing. 

According to the inspection team, the Indian side has constructed a road near the border using construction materials from the Nepali side.

“We inspected the pillars as well as the current situation of the bordering areas during the operation. Problems seem to arise due to the lack of Nepali security personnel in the region,” said DSP Gautam, adding, “These problems can be resolved only if both [Indian and Nepali] sides worked hand in hand.”

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