Karaoke in Kathmandu

January 12, 2018 12:02 PM The Week Bureau

Do you want to sing your favorite songs out loud but always hesitate to do so because you know you don’t have the singer’s genes? Don’t fear. Karaoke is the way to go. Singing to pre-recorded music playing in the background is what you do in a karaoke session and you don’t even have to know the entire lyrics of a song. It will be all displayed on the screen for you. And there are plenty of karaoke places in Kathmandu where you can let loose the wannabe singer in you. If you are still uncertain, then there are great karaoke kits or mobile applications that you can try to get started on what is an extremely enjoyable musical journey. But for those who want to venture out into the world of unknown this year, here’s a list of fabulous places that you might want to head to for some good food, drinks, and music session.

Tej Bhawan Karaoke Restaurant and Bar, Uttar Dhoka
Tej Bhawan is popular for its homely ambiance and exciting individual karaoke rooms. Here you can find an impressive list of songs in both English and Hindi. To use the karaoke room, you’ll need to pay four hundred rupees per hour. The best part of this restaurant is that your orders will be served in the karaoke room itself so you don’t have to worry about taking breaks between singing your favorite songs. The best part of Tej Bhawan Karaoke Restaurant and Bar is that, with cozy seating arrangements, it’s just right for a fun night out with family and friends.

Sura Korean Restaurant, Thirbam Sadak
The literal meaning of the world Sura is ‘Food for King’. Thus, standing true to its name, all the customers are treated as royals. With complete Asian and Korean food and drinks on the menu, at Sura, you can enjoy original oriental vibe. Sura opens six days a week and the karaoke is free. So every night from 8:30 pm onwards, for next one hour, you can enjoy Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian music. The best part here is that you are provided with a snacks and drinks menu specially readied for the karaoke room only. But again, we suggest you make reservations before you go.

 Station Lazimpat, Lazimpat
From varieties of cuisines such as Chinese, Indian and Nepali to really good quality karaoke, Station Lazimpat brings together all the elements that you will need for a memorable hangout or get together either with your loved ones. The karaoke hall that can accommodate over fifteen people is the ideal place for a little party. Here the more hours you spend, the less you need to pay. For the first hour, you are charged five hundred rupees. For the next hour, the charge is four hundred and it’s three hundred for the third hour. Since the place is always jam packed, it might be a good idea to make reservations well in advance.

Venus Restaurant and Bar, Lazimpat
With two big karaoke rooms with spacious seating arrangement, fun drinks, live music and multi cuisines, Venus is truly an ideal place to relax after a hard day at work or unwind before the weekend. For karaoke, you will be offered the thrilling mix of English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu and much more just at rupees five hundred per hour. It’s an ideal place to enjoy some really good drinks and food with good music. We suggest you try singing songs in a language that you don’t really know as well to make the most of your Karaoke night. We hear singing Marathi songs is pretty fun.

Beta House, Thamel
If you want to feel like a real singer then head to Beta House every Wednesday. There you will get to experience the open mike karaoke sessions where you can sing any way you like. You don’t have to limit yourself to tunes and beats and actually go crazy here. And the good thing is that the fun does not end here. Beta House has a really good menu to complement their fantastic karaoke sessions and there is also a pool and a billiard table too. It really can’t get any better than this if you are looking for some casual laid back time with your friends, post work midweek.

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