Peeking from Pikey Peak

Published On: December 22, 2017 09:25 AM NPT By: SABRINA DANGOL

If you get to choose, always take the roads less traveled because it will make all the difference. And the trek to Pikey Peak was one of those trips. 

This isolated peak standing tall at an altitude of over 4000 meters boasts the majestic views of the eight of the ten highest mountains in the world. From the top, you can view the massifs from Mt. Dhaulagiri in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east. As Nepalis, we often hesitate to say we love the moutains fearing it exposes our biases but the grandeur of the peaks and the way the stunning views make us feel also don’t let us hide the fact. 

The trek to Pikey Peak makes you want to jump with excitement as it feels like you are amidst the clouds and that you can almost touch the moutains. The thick misty clouds play hide and seek with you and the ambience of the place literally gives you goose bumps. Even the sun feels softer here; the crisp winds from the Himalayas soften the harshness of the sun like it does to our minds and soul.

Everything about the trail feels untouched and pure. The only sounds you hear along the way are occasional chirping of the birds and insects. And the silence can be so unnerving at times that it gets into your head. Once in a while, you will be able to spot a herd of yaks grazing in the open fields. Places like these make you feel completely isolated as well as completely in tune with yourself.

Throughout the Pikey Peak trail, there is no proper electricity or mobile network and not having these facilities makes you reconnect with yourself. All you can do here is enjoy the warm company of the friendly locals, read books, drink millet wine and just stare at the grand mountains for as long as you can.

This trek has everything for everyone except for those seeking luxury along with travel. It is a completely rugged trek where there are only a few options to spend the night, stock on food, and places to camp. Engulfed between dense forests, one might easily lose their way, so having a guide or someone who knows the local terrain is a must. It is a fairly new trek, only started for commercial tourism a few years back, so you don't see many tourists here even during peak season.

This trek is very flexible as you can start from Salleri, Junbesi, or Dhap (Okhaldhunga) and can easily be completed in five or six days. This trek can be a much-needed getaway for raw adventure seekers and rugged travelers. Despite being in the much touristy Solukhumbu region this region is still unexplored but if you go by what Sir Edmund Hillary once said, "Pikey Peak is the most astounding place to gaze at Mt. Everest" and this is in fact absolutely true.


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