Drinking water crisis hits rural Bajhang

Published On: December 19, 2017 02:48 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Dec 18: As the sources of drinking water have started drying up, dozens of villages in Bajhang are suffering from an acute shortage of drinking water. 

With the end of monsoon, people in Dhamilek, Pithalek, Naura, Chayala, Bhandar, Hemantawad, Mathigaun, Kotdeval among others are facing the scarcity of drinking water. Brikha Raj Joshi of Dhamilek of Jaya Prithvi Municipality-11 lamented that the villagers are forced to reach the neighboring villages to fetch water on a regular basis. "From early morning to late evening, we are busy carrying water from one village to another," he said, adding, "We are always taught to drink and use clean water but right now we have no other option than to rely on contaminated water." 
Troubled locals have even urged the ward office and municipality to solve their problems. But the authorities are yet to find a solution to their plight. Women in the rural parts have been compelled to stay awake at night and line up to fetch water despite biting cold. They have been keeping them warm by lighting bonfire, according to Aalikuli Bohora of Mayana. "We can't tell the men to do all this household jobs. As a result, we are suffering," Bohora said.
Drought has been a regular problem for the locals here. In each election, candidates assure the locals to solve the problem but do nothing after rising to power. According to Bohora, the budget sanctioned for the welfare of the villagers is used by the eagle-eyed politicians for fulfilling their vested interest. As a result, the woes of the innocent and poor villagers remain as they are.
 In the rainy season, locals are benefited by the open sources of drinking water but such sources dry up in the winter.  "We voted several candidates to power and urged various authorities to free us from these problems but they never pay heed to our pleas," said Dhokal Khadka of Jaya Prithvi Municipality. Bathing and washing clothes is a luxury for the locals in the winter. 
1. The tap of Dhamile which has dried up with the onset of winter.
2. Women queuing up to fetch water at Pandu Secondary School.  


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