3,284 foreigners arrested in five years for committing various crimes in Nepal

Published On: September 16, 2021 05:15 PM NPT By: Sajira Shrestha

KATHMANDU, Sept 16: Nepal is becoming a hotbed of crime for foreign nationals. Foreigners are even involved in big crimes such as drug trafficking, gold smuggling, cybercrime, child sexual abuse and prostitution in Nepal.

According to the data from the Nepal Police headquarters, 3,284 foreigners were arrested in Nepal in the last five years for various crimes including drug trafficking, theft, money laundering and child sexual abuse.

In the fiscal year 2016/17, police arrested 555 foreigners including 36 women and 519 men whereas in 2017/18, there were 31 women and 708 men. Similarly, 857 foreigners were arrested including 64 women and 793 men in the FY 2018/19. In FY 2019/20, police arrested 733 foreigners including 56 women and 677 men while in the fiscal year 2020/21, 400 foreigners including 10 women and 390 men were arrested by the police as they were involved in various crimes.

Likewise, in the last five years, from 2017 to September 10, 2021, as many as 2,403 foreigners were deported from Nepal. Foreigners who were staying without a visa, suspicious and fake passports as well as involved in human trafficking, drugs and organized crimes were deported.

In 2019, five Chinese nationals allegedly involved in ATM card forgeries were arrested from Durbarmarg.



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