Viral fever takes hold of flood victims

Published On: September 5, 2017 05:00 AM NPT By: Nirmal Ghimire

BARDIYA, September 5: The number of flood victims suffering from viral fever has increased at the District Hospital of Bardiya.  

According to the hospital, more than 20 patients are admitted in the general ward of the hospital for treatment while around 200 patients come for free checkup every day. Last month, a large number of people were rendered homeless by the flooded Babai river. In the recent days, cases of viral fever have become very much common among the flood victims.

Subhash Pandey, medical superintendent of the hospital, said, “Most of the patients are suffering from high fever and common cold.” The devastating flood not just ravaged the homes of the locals but also polluted their sources of drinking water. As a result, they have been relying on contaminated water, which, according to Pandey is one of the major reasons behind the outbreak. However, the change in weather is also to be blamed, he said. As the number of patients increased notably, health committee of the hospital decided to provide five different types of drugs for free of cost. “This has offered some respite to the patients,” Pandey added.

According to the doctors, most of the patients are from Gularia. Though the fever has affected people of all ages, children, elderly and women have been infected the most.  As nothing has been done to mitigate the risk, this fever has been spreading to other places as well. Soaring temperature is also adding the miseries of the patients. It takes three to four days for the patients to recover from the fever, the doctors informed.

The smell of dead carcasses and sewage brought by the flood have disgusted the locals. Not just that, it had given rise to various kinds of diseases. “Sometimes it rains heavily and within a few minutes, we have to bear scorching. Such drastic change in weather has adversely affected our health,” said Mesu Pandey, a local. 

The District Hospital has deployed health workers in various flood affected areas where they are providing free treatment to the victims.

Those who were displaced by the flood are sheltering in open without any safety, which has badly affected their health. After suffering for days, the victims have finally urged the responsible authorities to provide them with mosquito nets. “We don't know how long will we have to stay under the open sky but we will at least get a sound sleep if we are provided with nets,” said Kapil Sharma, another local.

Even though the doctors have suggested the locals not to drink polluted water and eat rotten food, some victims have no options left.


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