22-year-old woman killed for rejecting love proposal

Published On: May 21, 2023 02:29 PM NPT By: GANESH BISHU

BANKE May 21: A complaint was made to the district police office about the murder of a young woman by a man over a rejected love proposal. 

The complaint stated that Sumad Rani Tharu, 22, of Rajhena, Kohalpur-6 rejected the love proposal of Shailendra Chaudhary, 26, of Koiri, Rajapur-8, Bardiya. Sumad Rani’s brother filed the complaint against Chaudhary at the District Police Office Banke. 

The District Police Office, Banke, has shared that the young woman was found dead on May 12, in a rented room in Nepalgunj.  She was staying with her brother Niren in order to take a diploma course in Computer Science at Bheri Technical School. According to the police, the complaint stated that Chaudhary’s Redmi phone, his jeans, a piece of his helmet’s visor and knife were found in the same room as her body. 

According to DSP Ram Prasad Gharti Magar, spokesperson for the District Police Office, Banke, the deceased had a head-injury. She was also bleeding from a knife-cut on her neck. Other parts of her body were also found injured. 

According to the complaint, the siblings and Chaudhary had been acquainted for 7-8 months. Chaudhary would visit them at their house and rented room from time to time. He had a one-sided affection for Sumad Rani. The complaint stated that he had been proposing physical relations as well as marriage. “Sumad Rani had been refusing all of his proposals,” said the deceased’s brother, Niren, “My sister (Sumad Rani) would tell me that he was mentally torturing her with his proposals of marriage.” It was also said that Chaudhary made attempts to tempt the victim by offering her a job. 

The complaint states, “I had returned home after taking my Grade 11 examinations on May 5. On May 10, Chaudhary came to our house saying he will get my sister a job at Bheri Hospital’s pharmacy, and asked me for her citizenship card.” It adds, “I said I don’t have it, it might be with my sister. He stayed at our house that night. The next day, on May 11, he left for Nepalgunj, saying he will meet up with my sister.”

He added that he tried to call and inform his sister of Chaudhary’s visit from 12 that afternoon to the next morning. He made numerous attempts to contact her through whatsapp, viber and phone calls, but to no avail. He gave an account of the morning of May 12, when he reached Nepalgunj from Kohalpur. “I had one key to the room while my sister had the other. I opened the door with my key, noticing that the window was closed. The bedding was messy and a blanket was draped over the bed. I saw my sister in a bloody state after pulling off the blanket, I left the room and screamed,” he said, “I immediately called the landlord and my mother.”      

“Chaudhary liked my sister. He had also approached her. My sister had been refusing him. He murdered my sister when she continued to refuse him. Stricter than strict action should be taken against him,” said Niren.

Chaudhary absconded after the incident. DSP Gharti Magar shared that the deceased’s family filed their complaint on May 12. 

According to him, Banke’s police have reinforced the search for the accused. He said that a search for Chaudhary is ongoing in Bardiya and India as well. He said that the Banke police take crimes like murder seriously and sensitively. 

The District Police Office, Banke, has deployed a team to Bardiya. He added that half of the team is deployed in the border area. DSP Gharti Magar says that the District Police Office is doing everything in their power to find the accused.


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