Locals want development, not mere promises

Published On: June 2, 2017 12:20 AM NPT By: CHATRA KARKI and SIDDHARAJ RAI

SANGURIGADHI, June 2: Fed up with the hollow promises of the politicians, locals of Dhankuta have stressed on the need for better work plan for the possible development projects.

On Thursday, Jitendra Rumdali Rai, Nepali Congress (NC) candidate for the post of chairperson of Sangurigadhi Rural Municipality, was canvassing for votes. He was trying to persuade the voters with a long list of development plans which he promised to implement if elected as the head of the local unit. 

Addressing the locals assembled at Sangurigadhi, Rai said, "I will honor every single vote that I will receive and will also make sure that none of those votes goes waste.

Transportation, tourism and agriculture will be my top priorities." Rai was still delivering his speech when Gajenshwori Limbu of Sangurigadhi-6 raised her voice from the audience, saying, "This is not the first time we have received tall promises from the candidates. We have had enough of it. Now we want representatives who have a clear vision for development."

For the last two months, Rai has been busy meeting the locals, seeking their votes.

According to him, compared to previous elections, the voters are more aware and concerned this time. "When I realized that election speeches alone were not effective on the people, I decided to meet them individually," said Rai, adding, "Those who are trying to win the hearts of the people through speeches alone are going to be disappointed."  

Ramesh Subba, a Federal Socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN) candidate for the post of chairperson of Sangurigadhi-6, too, has felt change in the perception of voters this time around. Subba, who was elected the chief of Bhedetar-4 in the local elections of 1997, is also confident about his victory this time around too. Recalling his past experience, Subba said, "People no more have the patience to tolerate the long speeches of candidates. Now the candidates are compelled to deliver short and sweet speeches as the voters have no time for their lengthy talks."

Candidates of the major political parties who are busy making door-to-door visits have been facing tough questions from the locals. "No candidate will be able to impress the voters just by their speeches," said Subba. As informed by the candidates, they have been compelled to change their strategies and agendas due to the fear of being rejected by the locals. As stated by Hari Bahadur Limbu of Sangurigadhi-6, the access to the television, mobile phones and the Internet has played a vital role in making the locals aware.

There are three municipalities and four rural municipalities in Dhankuta. As many as 95,000 voters are expected to participate in the local elections in the district.

Caption: Jitendra Rumdali Rai, NC candidate for the post of chairperson wooing voters in Sangurigadhi-6, Dhankuta.

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