74% women in Jumla still sent to sheds during menstruation

Published On: June 1, 2017 12:30 AM NPT By: DB Buda

JUMLA, June 1: A recent survey conducted by the Women and Children Office (WCO), Jumla, showed that around 74 percent of women in the district are still compelled to live in sheds during menstruation.

According to WCO, the survey included 995 households from various local units of Jumla. The survey was conducted a few months ago by WCO in association with various government officials employed in the local units and Child Development Fund.  The survey showed that around 39 percent women live in separate sheds especially made for staying during menstruation while 34. 56 percent women are compelled to live in cow sheds. The survey further stated that only 26 percent of women are allowed to stay in their homes during their periods. However, they are forbidden from entering the kitchen.

Considering the discouraging statistics, WCO has formulated a five-year work plan.

According to Goma Prasai , women development officer at WCO, they will be conducting women awareness programs in various parts of the district with the objective of eradicating the Chhaupadi system completely.

Women development inspector at WCO, Bindu Kunwar says it is necessary to organize awareness programs in all the 60 wards, seven rural municipalities and one municipality of the district. A lot of women lament that they are compelled to live a miserable life during menstruation. According to experts, women are supposed to have a good diet during menstruation but a huge majority of women in Jumal are not even allowed to drink cow milk.

The survey has grabbed the attention of a lot of people. Many government and non-government organizations working for the welfare of women in the district as well as media persons have assured to take strong initiatives to remove Chhaupadi. With this, a lot of women are hopeful that they might not have to live in sheds in the future.

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