People’s representatives of Gorkha unveil their plans

Published On: May 23, 2017 09:05 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Newly elected chiefs of various rural municipalities of Gorkha, epicenter of devastating earthquake of April  2015, make their pledges after assuming their offices.  Here’s what they have to offer:

I’ll ensure basic facilities 
Dhan Bahadur Gurung, 42
Chief of Chumnubri Rural Municipality 

There are lots of basic facilities we are deprived of. I want to ensure all that. Power, water, roads, schools and hospitals, among others would be my first priority. Public service would be smooth and quick, that’s our another commitment.

Want to be noted for good performance 

Hom Bahadur Rana, 47 
Chief of Gandaki Rural Municipality 

People do not look at politics positively. They are frustrated and believe that all politicians and bureaucrats are corrupt. I want to work hard, I want to show that all are not the same. Our municipality believes in unity in diversity. We have people from all castes and background here. Together, we would be bringing good changes here.

Basic infrastructures would be fixed
Raj Gurung, 39 

Chief of Siranchowk Rural Municipality 

I am very much committed to speed up the reconstruction works. We have lost lots of infrastructures to the devastating earthquake. I want to restore normalcy in people’s lives. That was what I promised when I asked for votes and now since I am in the important position, I will keep my words. Income generation is the thing we want to ensure at the earliest.

Micro hydro and herbal tourism are my priorities 

Santa Bahadur Gurung
Chief of Dharche Rural Municipality 

I am extremely happy that people elected me to power. We do have lots of power in our hands to develop our local body now. First of all, I will work to widen the road network. And my priority is development through micro hydro and herbal tourism. We have great potential for that here. Sustainable development is my motto. We are now moving for rapid change.

I will uplift the living condition of quake victims 
Ramesh Thapa, 45

Chief of Shahid Lakhan Rural Municipality

The biggest trouble here these days is that of the quake victims. They are living pathetic life. We need to take proper care of them first of all. I will ensure their due settlement. Only after they get proper home to live in and have some source of income, we are going to direct our effort on other things. We do lack facilities for local people. We are going to do everything that is in our hand to help uplift the overall status of our place.

Beautiful and smart city, my vision
Deepak Kandel, 44

Mayor of Panglungtar Municipality 
The government has already decided to make Panglungtar an industrial hub. This is going to change everything here. While going for such changes, we must ensure that we keep the natural beauty we have intact. Environmental degradation should not happen. We have clear plans and vision on how to make it a very beautiful and smart city. Opening of best colleges, ensuring first-class infrastructures are our dreams.

Development of tourism and industry
Rajanraj Panta, 40 

Mayor  of  Gorkha Municipality 
Gorkha is a historic town. It is renowned as a religious site as well. We can tap this potential in order to develop this place into a grand city and give employment to the people. Tourism is what I have planned to boost. We are going to ensure all the facilities and infrastructures to make it a tourist hub. Blacktopping of roads, widening them, better hotels and lodges and so on would be our steps.

Reconstruction and physical infrastructure
Bishnu Bhatta, 41

Chief of Sulikot Rural Municipality

The first and foremost thing is to make houses for the earthquake victims. They are living under tents and it’s been over two years since the disaster struck Nepal. We have promised them of quick action to bring their life back in track and that is my priority. Those who have received grants have also not been able to use it well. We have lots of things to do for them. We are going to establish necessary infrastructures for the overall development of our locality. 

Power and road facilities, first priority

Ishwor Pandey, 64
Chief of Bhimsen Rural Municipality

Though there are several other important things to do, power and transportation is our first need. I am going to focus on that. Without proper road facilities, all other developments are blocked. When you have better roads, other things like education, health, agriculture etc flourish.  We are for producing best human resource here.

Better roads and facilities 

Purna Dahal, 53
Chief of Arughat Rural Municipality  

 People have trusted us and we are going to pay that off. We know what they want, what kind of development is needed here. We are going to deliver that sincerely. There is an old issue of compensation related to Budhigandaki Hydro Project. I am going to solve that, give justice to the locals. Road widening and ensuring of other basic facilities are my priorities.

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