Journey from watching Robots to inventing many

Published On: April 27, 2017 02:30 AM NPT By: Sonam Lama

Bikalpa Dhungana, 18, is a youth inventor of Nepal. Originally from Manpang, Tanahun, he is studying science at Pokhara Multimodal College, Pokhara. He first invented the Anyway Military Vehicle followed by helicopter technology, bomb disposal Robot, earthquake alarm device, manual loading and lifting Robot, grass cutter machine, paddy thrashing Robot, football player Robot, Police Robot, Sobi Anti-alcohol Vehicle Protecting System (SAAVPS ) in Nepal. He was awarded ‘Yuba Pratibha Puraskar’ in 2015 by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Bikalpa Dhungana talked to Republica’s Sonam Lama about the experience and challenges on his journey.

How did the idea of solar powered scooter develop?

The school that I was studying back then was about 3 kilometers away from my home. Due to the lack of means of transportation, we used to have a hard time waiting for the public vehicles to get to school. Therefore, I started exploring a solution of this problem and started designing solar-powered scooter while I was in Grade 9. I finally came up with my invention after three years of continuous work.

What were the setbacks on your journey?

I have remained dedicated in the field of science for seven years now. There were numerous challenges that hindered the way throughout the journey till here. Since the concept of science has not thrived in Nepal, there were scarcity of investments, budget allocation and needy technology and other materials in the area of science. Many opportunities followed few people but the reality was that we had to struggle hard to get the opportunity because it was very limited.

What do you think was necessary to shape you the way you are today?

I had heard about Robot for the first time while I was studying in Grade 5. I did not know anything about robots back then but my curiosity could not stop which led me to inventing one of my own creations. I think the realization of my deep passion for science and the audacity to invent things made me what I am today. I always firmly believed that I can make the most utilization of the available resources to make our daily lives easier. 

What inventions have you lately been working on?

With the invention of Sobi Anti-alcohol Vehicle Protecting System (SAAVPS) which included two kinds of detector in helmet that has been proven to minimize road accidents, we have been receiving positive feedbacks from people. Therefore, we are now working for the SAAVPS technology to introduce it to the market. Moreover, we have been looking forward to introducing a special technology to serve disable people in Nepal.

Would you like to convey any message to the Nepali youths?

After providing training students to around 150 schools, I felt a strong need of establishing science club in every school to aware the students and enhance their fascination for science, research and inventions. I firmly believed youths today need proper guidance, zeal and encouragement to get succeeded in every field they choose. Because youths are one of the major contributors of the society, every youth should be motivated and given access to optimum opportunities to prove their abilities and hidden talents.

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