Naya Shakti Party and Federal Socialist Forum agree to expedite unification process

Published On: April 21, 2017 09:45 AM NPT

KATHMANDU, April 21: Naya Shakti Party, Nepal and Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal have reached an agreement to form  Party Unification Coordination Committee(PUCC) with a view to expediting the unification process that was set in motion recently through the formation of unification dialogue committee.

The PUCC will be composed of one member from Naya Shakti Party, Nepal(NSP-Nepal) represented by Dr Baburam Bhattrai and two members from Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal (FSF-Nepal) Upendra Yadav and senior leader Ashok Rai. Dr Bhattarai is the coordinator of Naya Shakti Party-Nepal . Upendra Yadav is the chairman of FSF-Nepal whereas Ashok Rai is senior leader of  FSF-Nepal.

“At a time when the various dialogues held between the two parties by forming dialogue committee have led the two parties to be close to developing common policy, ideology and organizational system, an agreement to form   Party Unification Coordination Committee (PUCC) has been reached to take the unification process to a conclusion”, reads the press release jointly signed by the chiefs of the two parties.

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