18-month-old toddler murdered allegedly after rape

Published On: March 14, 2022 10:33 AM NPT By: Chuman Basnet

MORANG, March 14: Police have arrested two youths on charge of raping and killing an 18-month-old girl of Morang's Sundarharaicha Municipality-7.

Morang Police Chief SP Janardan GC made the incident public at a press conference on Sunday. Mithun Chaudhary, 28, and Ajay Chaudhary, 25, of Sundarharaicha-7 have been arrested on charge of raping and killing an 18-month-old girl. According to SP GC, the two arrested are brothers.

The girl was found unconscious by her mother in a small bush about 150 meters northwest of the house at around 6:30 PM on Friday. The toddler went missing at 5:00 PM on March 11 (Friday) from her home.

The girl was found naked, with swelling on the left and right side of her head and bleeding in her vagina. The girl was found unconscious and was rushed to a local hospital in Gachhiya and was later admitted to Nobel Medical College in Biratnagar.

The girl died while undergoing treatment at around 12:30 PM on Friday night, said SP GC. “Our team has launched an investigation into the incident and immediately arrested those involved in the incident."

At around 3 PM on Friday, Ajay met his brother Mithun, who was working on the sand bank of Gachhiya River, and they both went to the banana orchard and smoked marijuana. After smoking marijuana, Ajay had told his brother about the girl who often was alone at her home and asked him to stay in the same place so that he could bring the girl if she was home alone again.

It is said that the toddler was brought to the bush after giving Rs 10 and chocolates as she was playing alone near the house. According to the police, the girl started crying after Ajay started raping and hit her on the head with a beer bottle and stones.

Ajay had left the girl in the same bush after raping her. According to police, a bottle of beer was left on the spot and two stones were thrown by Ajay at a distance. It has been revealed that both of them are also drug users.

After the incident, both of them went to a nearby hotel and consumed alcohol and noodles. Both of them were arrested on Saturday morning, said SP GC.

Ajay, who was arrested two years ago on charges of abducting a 2-year-old girl and taking her hostage, was released from jail on December 4, 2021. "The house of the deceased’s girl is at the end of the settlement because of which the area is often isolated and silent," said SP GC.

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