What’s your thoughts on Nepali celebs joining politics?

Published On: March 6, 2017 10:21 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

It may not be a new issue when you hear about an actor or famous celebrity joining politics or getting affiliated to a political party these days. Famous Austrian-American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Governor of California in the year 2003 and 2009. Even reputed Bollywood actor Shatrughan Sinha is a leader of BJP. Recently, actor Rekha Thapa and singer Komal Oli got elected as central committee member of RPP.

How do you feel about Nepali celebrities joining political party? Would this affect your judgment towards them? If yes, why and how?

Deepak Lamichhane
Aid distribution worker

I personally do not like when actors and celebrities join politics. They do have their own profession and have earned experiences so forth whereas politics has its own discourse which is quite a different area. I believe that celebrities joining politics would only make them an amateur who is in the process of learning while the others in the same field are well polished and indeed have an in-depth knowledge of politics and its variant theories. But as far as I am concerned, a celebrity using their fame and people’s faith for a political motivation is certainly not honorable. I believe it could bear a good outcome if they work in the profession with which they have come this far.

Rajan Shrestha
Politics is not a dirty game, it’s made dirty by the corrupted politicians of Nepal. No one should be neutral to politics in Nepal especially since it is in the process of development. The way celebrities are getting involved in politics is not necessarily bad. But they need to learn to influence their followers to create positive impact in the country. My judgment towards them remains impartial despite their political affiliation. Being a citizen of a sovereign country, they have the right to join political parties. However, they shouldn’t be just guided by the parties policy and should encourage everyone to follow law even if their party opposes.

Ashish Dhakal
High school student 
It’s good that celebrities are interested in politics of the nation and are affiliated to political parties. People usually take ‘politics’ as a matter of dirty game and they spread rumors when celebrities get involved in this sector. But we should face the fact that celebrities have better understanding of people’s need and can work to their needs. So I appreciate the fact that they are getting into politics. I am hopeful to see them bring new change in this field. Their political affiliation wouldn’t change their quality of work for me.  And I believe that no one should have objection to anyone joining politics because everyone has different political ideologies to improve nation.

Prayash Basnet
High school graduate
I do not find it unusual that celebrities want to join politics. I believe dedication and willingness are the worthy traits to make a move in politics. I would rather encourage the involvement of people from diverse sectors unless they are willing to be guided by the belief of making step towards progression. Furthermore, there are celebrities who have equally been celebrated in both platforms earning people’s faith. Thus, it would be more convenient for them if they primarily try to win people’s trust and endorse their visions and policies. I would hardly support those who join politics for the sake of power and their vested interests.

Moin Uddin
I don’t think it will create any difference. Celebrities get an initial advantage during election as they already have huge fan following .However, the work they do and their commitment matters, if they got into politics to just lure their followers to support their party then they will turn into memes and will be trolled like the US president Donald Trump. So I would want them to be responsible and take calculated steps so that their career in politics could flourish like their stardom. My judgment towards their work would not affect due to their political affiliation.

Anusha Pahari
A-Level graduate
It’s the celebrities’ right to do whatever they want to do with their life. Just like everyone else, they are allowed to have political view and get affiliated to political parties. But they need to be neutral while giving a political message through their movies. They shouldn’t forget that their main purpose is to entertain people. They should maintain their political stance and at the same time make sure to act responsibly on sensitive political issues to avoid controversy.

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