‘I would not give up my individual goals to fulfill my parents’ dreams’

Published On: February 27, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

The role of parents becomes significant when it comes to career building. Republica talked to students who have been striving for a career on various fields of study.


Would you let go of your passion in order to live up to your parents' dream? Are you satisfied with the stream division in Nepal's education system ?

Amod Bhattachan

It’s very important for a person to choose a particular subject to build a good career. However, it does not mean that a subject that you choose will ultimately be the one that help shape your career. Decision should not be made in haste as we must understand that our decision now will have an impact in the future. Choosing a field that you are passionate about and understanding every aspect and possibilities will help in shaping a better career. Parents have dreams of a good and secured life for their children. A time may come when we have to sacrifice our dreams and passion for our family’s sake. But it does not mean the end of the world. Giving up on our dreams for our parent’s sake is certainly not a sound idea. I firmly believe that where a door is shut, another thousand doors open up. You just need to be open to opportunities and be patient in life.

Nischal Maharjan
School student

I think living up to our dreams is the success we must try to achieve in life, and choosing the right subject is the first step towards success. Again, this process is a matter of confusion to many students as they are stuck up between the thoughts of their parents and their own. Parents think that science is the supreme subject and one must choose it to be successful. Apart from science and management, other subjects are not considered as a career developing path. I would not give up my individual goals to fulfill my parent’s dreams. The HSEB board of Nepal has divided high school into three streams .I think this is not an appropriate system as there is less variety to choose from and many subjects which are not effective in practical life are made compulsory. So HSEB board should improve this system and allow students to choose from a wider variety which gives an appropriate environment for students to explore different fields of study.

Astha Tamang
High school graduate

If one is not passionate enough, s/he will obviously quit mid way. However, talent also plays an important role. Parents and passion often collide. They want the best for their children without a doubt. But the passionate heart of their child burns somewhere else.  I would personally suggest individuals to make their parents believe in their dreams. I wouldn’t let go of my passion to satisfy my parents because I know deep down they wouldn’t want me to sacrifice my dreams. I am not at all happy or satisfied with the current system of stream division in Nepal. Our education system only focuses on producing doctors, engineers and nurses. Science and management are given top priority and the government fails to provide opportunity to students who are passionate about music, baking, acting, etc. I believe if Nepal really wants to develop, the government has to step up the education system in Nepal. 

Reeti KC
Undergraduate student 

It is important to be passionate about the subjects you chose because passion is a driving force that will help you in the long run. It is not necessary to build a career based on what you study but an individual must follow their passion. It will not only result in better outcome but satisfaction of working and doing what you love too. I would not let go of my passion to fulfill my parent’s dream because as much as I would like to fulfill my parents’ goal, I would like more to love my work, have no regrets and no one to blame for my options and action. I am happy that SLC has got grading system, but I’m not totally happy with the stream. 

Zenith Shah
A-levels student

Passion helps you nurture future so that your path doesn’t deviate. However, because parents have great influence over a child’s future in a country like ours, it is really a tough decision to make. You have your heart to listen to, and as well your parents to follow. I am more than lucky to have parents who not just support me with my (right) decisions, as well as encourage and motivate me to work hard to work for my dream. Then there is this tangled system of my country that once you make a decision, it doesn’t support you if you change your mind (the main reason I opted for A-levels). If the stream division were flexible, who knows the students in our country might explore more, and therefore, shape their future even better.

Dipesh Gyawali
School student

It is important to be passionate about what subject you choose. I would never give up my dreams to fulfill my parent’s dream; instead I would choose to convince them.  I am not satisfied with current system of stream division in Nepal, I feel that this leads to discrimination .People still have a belief that only those who are weak in studies choose humanities. I know changes have been made but it’s still not enough, we need to make improvements to meet the international education standard. I would want the government to introduce more practical based subjects and choices to students before they are compelled to follow only one subject in future. 

Priyanka Agarwal
Dentistry Student

I think passion is a deep igniting desire to do well and excel in the field that you have chosen.  Therefore, it becomes crucial to be passionate about the subjects that you study. I aspired to be a dental surgeon and I truly believe that my career related activities could affect my patient in near future. I believe each facet of profession entirely demands the role of passion as it includes the two way balance to have an impactful outcome. Even if science and technology are highly prioritized, I believe the every subject has its own equal values. So, it is about enjoying your work that generates from passion and give a reality check to your dreams and show your parents and families that you have the courage to cross every huddle in life.

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