10 Majhi families to benefit from governments residential program

Published On: August 30, 2017 01:44 AM NPT By: Chhabi Lal Tiwari

PARBAT, August 30: Members of the Majhi community, a tribe that makes a living by fishing, have always struggled to manage two square meals and proper shelter for their family. Poor economic condition has always compelled this tribe to live a miserable life. They have long been living in dilapidated tents and huts which neither can protect them from scorching heat nor from torrential downpour. 
But it seems like their fortune is soon going to change.       A recent initiative taken by the government has elated some Majhi families of Bihadi-1 in Parbabt district.
The government had provided financial help to 10 Majhi families to construct houses under the Public Residential Program.

The Majhis have expressed their thankfulness to the government for understanding their problems and taking efforts to reduce their pain. 

“It would have never been possible for us to do this on our own,” said Dipak Majhi, adding, “We are thankful to the government for finally having a house to live.” 

Dipak who started constructing his house four months ago, has already been provided with three of the four installments by the government. “Few more months and my house will be ready and I will no longer have to worry about heat nor rain,” he added.

Since the government provided her with the amount, Bimala Majhi of the same community has worked days and nights together to build her home. These families have been long sustaining their livelihood through their traditional profession, fishing. 

“This is the first time we have realized the existence of the government,” said Ram Bahadur Majhi. According to him, this program has provided great respite to the backward community.

As assured by the government, these families will receive a total amount of Rs 233,000 excluding tax for building their houses. According to Arjun Prasad Joshi, coordinator of the Public Residential Program, Parbat, the government had instructed the District Coordination Committee (DCC) to build homes for 100 poor and destitute families of Parbat which includes these ten Majhi families too.  


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