Right step by Parliament Secretariat

January 9, 2019 02:00 am

Amid rising frustrations over inability of the government to control corruption and making lawmakers accountable to people, the decision of the parliament secretariat to prohibit the lawmakers from pocketing salaries meant for their personal secretaries, aides and drivers comes as a welcome relief.

Prime Minister, tell us the truth

January 8, 2019 02:00 am

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli seems bent on misinforming people to hide inefficiency of his administration which is already failing to live up to its promise on development, prosperity, transparency, rule of law and good governance.

Federal govt must oversee INGOs

January 7, 2019 02:00 am

A high-level commission has recommended that the federal government oversee the activities of INGOs and all three tiers of government—federal, provincial and local—register and monitor NGOs operating in Nepal.

By administering oath of office and secrecy to Resham Chaudhary, who is accused of masterminding the 2015 Tikapur massacre, the government of K P Sharma Oli has made the most serious mistake.

Even as Dr Govinda KC, crusader against corruption, is planning for his 16th fast unto death against the government for not fulfilling his demands, the government seems reluctant to pass the Medical Education Bill from the parliament or pass it by altering it in a way that leaves many of agreements reached with Dr KC undressed.

Bill to amend Nepal Army Act

January 2, 2019 02:00 am

When it comes to administering punishment to crimes committed by its officials and soldiers, Nepal Army enjoys absolute authority.

In 2019, complete the vital projects

January 1, 2019 10:55 am

One of the reasons Nepal is lagging behind in development and has had dismal growth for the last many years is slow pace of infrastructure development. During the ten-year-long civil war, infrastructure development almost came to a halt because of Maoist disruptions in many places. The rebels had made destroying physical infrastructures one of their tactics to make the state heed their political demands. Then followed direct rule of king and agitation to overthrow monarchy, after which the country plunged into prolonged period of transition.

Leap forward in 2019

December 31, 2018 02:00 am

The year 2018 was both inspiring and despairing. A number of events that took place in the past 12 months have paved the way for the country to move forward and attain its development goals.

A lot to do for parliament this time

December 30, 2018 02:30 am

The parliament’s winter session, which is also taken as the bills session, has commenced on Wednesday. The first meeting of the legislature drew attention of many as key leaders from ruling as well as opposition parties addressed the House raising some serious issues for debate.

Resolve constitution amendment

December 27, 2018 02:00 am

Since the constitution was promulgated in 2015, governments and Madhes-based parties have maintained rather vague and, at times, impractical positions on amendment of the document.