Replicate the model of Bheri-Babai

April 8, 2019 01:25 am

Here is something for which the government of K P Sharma Oli can take credit, though his administration alone may not have contributed to it. The construction of 12.2-kilometer long tunnel of Bheri-Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project, a major component of Nepal’s national pride project, is almost complete and this is happening a year before the deadline and without raising additional budget costs.

Nepal’s essential service sectors—such as hospitals and educational institutions—have been victims of protests and obstructions. Whenever the employees therein have to express their resentment with the government’s decisions and policies they resort to protests, halting services and in the process causing great inconvenience to service seekers.

Book the guilty

April 4, 2019 02:00 am

Lalita Niwas land grab

Rage against dowry death

April 3, 2019 02:00 am

Province 2 is in a state of mourning. The rainstorm of Sunday night has left 28 dead and hundreds injured. Within this is a mourning of death of a woman from Birgunj over dowry issue.

Tragedy in Tarai

April 2, 2019 02:00 am

Reach out to the victims, alleviate the suffering

VIPs are not above the law

April 1, 2019 02:00 am

You may be driving home or office on a motorbike. Perhaps you are also speeding up to get to your destination early (everyone is in rush in Kathmandu).

Follow on MoUs, commitments

March 31, 2019 02:25 am

Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli made all the right noises about Nepal’s need for foreign investment on the opening ceremony of Investment Summit on Friday. He presented the case of Nepal confidently, exuberating enthusiasm while addressing the delegates and the investors. The prime minister told the investors what actually they wanted to hear.

Invest in Nepal

March 28, 2019 02:00 am

More than 600 participants from 40 countries will participate in the Investment Summit to be held in Kathmandu from Friday. Nepal Investment Board (NIB) has prepared a list of 77 projects (50 public and 27 private) to be presented at the Summit.

Heed the opposition party too

March 27, 2019 02:00 am

The decision of Constitutional Council to pick former Secretary Dinesh Thapaliya as chief election commissioner and Bisnhu Maya Ojha as a member of the National Inclusive Commission without participation of the leader of the main opposition Sher Bahadur Deuba of Nepali Congress (NC) has again raised some concerns about the intent of Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli.

The Secondary Education Examination (SEE), known until 2016 as School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam, is being held across the country. Sunday marked the first day of the exam and as of this writing, no major untoward incidents have been reported. This is a welcome shift for in the past SEE (or SLC) exams used to be riddled with cases of rampant cheating, especially in the districts in Tarai plains.