Aaradhana: A great inspiration for youth

Published On: January 18, 2020 04:05 PM NPT By: Sambida Wagle

In his school, his teachers from Darjeeling made an indelible mark in his young mind, that English was the superior language among all languages.  The writer was deeply influenced by the thought of his teacher and he worked hard to improve his English.

Thoughts for Hong Kong

Published On: January 18, 2020 09:08 AM NPT By: Sagar Sharma

The other day, I was watching a video on YouTube about Hong Kong.   There I saw a group of angry protestors surrounding a policeman.  Some tried to attack him with sharp weapons. Others were throwing stones at him. It was too disturbing. I could not watch it further.

Baghdadi's death and growing terrorist threat in South Asia

Published On: November 1, 2019 12:55 PM NPT By: Narayan Adhikari

On October 27, 2019, Sunday morning, President Donald Trump proclaimed at the White House that "world's number one terrorist leader" is dead. On October 26, the US special force killed the world's most-wanted man Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in northern Syria.

I am a kid and I don’t want you to use patakas

Published On: October 28, 2019 06:23 PM NPT By: Chetana Bhandari

Tihar is an important Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal and India. During Deepawali or the festival of lights, people put diyas and pretty lights outside their homes to light up the night.

Xi's visit: an important milestone in the annals of bilateral ties

Published On: October 12, 2019 11:42 AM NPT By: Madan Kumar Bhattarai

Chinese President Xi Jinping is paying a state visit to Nepal today and tomorrow. The visit of the Chinese head of the state to Nepal is taking place after a gap of 23 years. Jiang Zemin (who celebrated his 93rd birthday two months ago) was the last Chinese president to visit Kathmandu. President Jiang is taken as the third but the first successful Chinese leader promoted by paramount leader Deng Xiaoping.

Federalism: learning by doing

Published On: September 5, 2019 12:59 AM NPT By: Santosh Ghimire

Issues have emerged regarding effective implementation of federalism. But there is a long way to go and these issues can be addressed in due course of time

Pro and cons of social health security program

Published On: July 13, 2019 08:30 PM NPT By: Ruku Pandey

Government health insurance is a universal health insurance policy. It is regarded as a social security (social protection) scheme.

We still have a lot more with us

Published On: May 6, 2019 07:00 PM NPT By: Chhatra Karki

Prior to the April 25 Earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes in Nepal, I had already received the Invitation to participate in the World Conference of Science Journalists 2015 (WCSJ2015) to be organized in Seoul, South Korea.

Notre Dame Fire: As It Happened

Published On: April 30, 2019 09:00 PM NPT By: Supreme Poudel

A year ago, I had met a friend of mine from France. My meeting with that liberal guy was full of drama and craze as one day we debated on which one of us lived in a better country.

Addressing the critical challenges of our time: The Role of Media

Published On: December 2, 2018 04:30 PM NPT By: Sambridhi Gyawali

Media is most commonly known as the fourth estate or the fourth pillar of democracy. Democracy is derived from Greek words, Demos and Kratos, meaning People Rule.